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Top Ways To Invest A Windfall in Malta

Friday, 28 October 2022, 13:50 Last update: about 3 years ago
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It is no secret there are many ultra-wealthy people in Malta. Regardless of how a person becomes rich, they want their wealth to continue for many years. Some people inherit money or come into a fortune in business or a settlement. Others play Mega Millions at Lottoland and become instantly rich. Let’s take a look at these situations.


One study shows that about ⅓ of people who become very rich inherit their money. Sometimes, the inheritance is a surprise, but usually, they are told at least a little while in advance. Some people who leave their hard-earned wealth to someone at the time of their death want to maintain some control. They may put some money in trust for education or future generations. They may stipulate what their money cannot be used for and who maintains control of the accounts. Sometimes the age of the person who inherits the money is a factor.

Business or awarded wealth

This is money that is yours and under your total control. If you are already in business, you know the importance of managing your windfall correctly. Money must be invested if it will be self-sustaining. Money must be saved to carry you through difficult times. If you are in a financially challenging situation, credit is not a great option. We will explain further in a moment.

Winning money

For the first time in history, people in the UK and other countries can place off-shore bets on lotteries from other countries. Huge MegaMillions jackpots are now available to adults with a smartphone or computer. You simply place a bet with a quality vendor like Lottoland. You are betting on the outcome of the lottery. You do not have to buy a ticket or travel to the US to get paid. 

Lottoland is an industry leader and expert in the field of online lotteries. They are fully licensed, insured, and their site is encrypted for security. Lottoland operates in more than 30 countries with a customer base of over 13 million clients. They are a regulated and legal online casino that allows you to bet on lottery results. 

A person of wealth who came into their riches via the lottery may need additional help learning how to manage substantial amounts of money and not letting it slip away.

Investing in Malta

Malta is the closest thing to paradise most will ever see. The white sand that runs along the beautiful sea is nature at its finest. Malta has a bustling nightlife, world-class entertainment, and homes designed for those who expect perfection. The Maltese government set out to attract people of this status and has accomplished its goal. 

One of the most popular ways to invest in Malta is Investing in citizenship. If a person meets the Maltese citizenship criteria, they can apply for citizenship. Many wealthy people consider it an investment in their children’s future. There are strict rules and regulations that are carefully checked before a person is considered. During the time their citizenship is considered, they must reside in Malta and make substantial investments. If they have lived there for at least three years, the investment amount is a minimum of €600,000. If they have resided in Malta for less than one year, the investment requirement is €750,000. 

When an applicant has been approved, they and their families earn an immediate right to travel visa-free in more than 170 countries. They are granted citizenship in Malta and the EU. They are given premium treatment when creating a business. Special considerations are applied to their taxes and the education of their families. You can see why this is appealing to those who can afford to live in paradise.

Invest in property

As you may expect, property for sale on this island is much-desired. There is no shortage of cash for development, building, and maintaining a luxurious lifestyle. Purchasing real estate for residential access or commercial property for business is currently a winning endeavor. Multi-millionaires and billionaires reside in Malta. With the investment requirements for citizenship, diversification of your portfolio is wise. This is done by purchasing homes, offices, and holiday venues.  

The four primary areas of investment in Malta include:

     Real estate




As Malta continues to draw wealthy citizens, the opportunities for investment can only rise.


Malta has uniquely seen tremendous growth with its citizenship program. The price tag of investing in the country is steep, but those who choose to do so are happy to oblige. They live or vacation in one of the world's most beautiful and desirable places. They are awarded extra valuable perks to them and their families. When they invest in Malta, they are investing in their own wealth. Where else would they want to invest their money? What could possibly give them a better return? It seems this is a winning situation for all involved.

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