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Updated: PN says government wants to introduce abortion; PL denies

Thursday, 24 November 2022, 10:53 Last update: about 5 days ago

The Nationalist Party said today it remains the only political force in favour of life after the government chose to propose an amendment to the law that will make abortion legal.

The PN expressed its position after the parliamentary group met to discuss the bill proposed by the government, which will make it legal for a pregnancy to be terminated when the woman’s life is at risk.

With this amendment, the PN said in a statement, Prime Minister Robert Abela is going against his word, referring to the statement he made in January 2020 – when Abela became Party leader – that he will fight anyone who wanted to introduce abortion.

The PN can never be in favour of such an amendment as it will be making abortion legal, the party said in a statement.

In the meeting held on Wednesday, the party also discussed the need for laws that protect pregnant women, unborn babies and health professionals when there is a need for a medical intervention when the woman’s life is in danger.

In this light, the PN welcomed the position paper presented by 81 academics which, the party said, reflected its position on how the Criminal Code can be amended without introducing abortion.

The PN said it hoped that the government will listen to what the PN and these academics are saying.

In a statement, the Labour Party said that the PN's excuse against the amendment to the law is weak. The aim of the law is not to introduce abortion, as the PN is claiming.

The aim is to clarify the legal position of doctors and women in circumstances when the expectant mother suffers medical complications that put her life at risk.

Only one amendment is being proposed, that to clarify that when professionals agree that the pregnancy should be terminated because of medical complications there is no risk that they are liable to prosecution for a crime committed. Existing sections of the Criminal Code making abortion a crime will remain, the PL said.

The PL said it believed that there should be no hindrance to give treatment to women to save their lives. It is a pity that the PN chose to mislead before a subject of such sensitivity, the PL said.


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