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Infrastructure Malta defends Ghadira road project against ‘baseless, irresponsible statements’

Saturday, 15 April 2023, 12:56 Last update: about 2 years ago

Infrastructure Malta listed a number of reasons for certain parts of the Ghadira road project which is currently under construction, against “baseless and irresponsible statements” that were made against the project.

The PN, the Gozo Tourism Association (GTA) and the Gozo Business Chamber had both issued press statements, yesterday, denouncing the reduction in car lanes in the south-bound Ghadira road leading to the centre of Malta.


Adrian Delia, spokesperson for transport, Alex Borg, spokesperson for Gozo, and Mario de Marco, spokesperson for tourism, signed the PN press statement that stated that “the reduction in car lanes does not benefit people but rather creates more difficulties for the hundreds of workers who commute to Malta.”

“It also increases the already heavy traffic on Maltese roads,” the statement read.

IM said that the road being constructed will give priority to people’s safety, especially for those who use this road to walk or for public transport.

It brought up how before, the road did not have pavements nor adequate parking paces on the lane leading to Cirkewwa, which used to put all drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Once drivers parked on the lane leading to Cirkewwa, they would have to cross two lanes to reach the beach, therefore, IM said that for this reason most of the parking spaces will be found on the side of the beach.

IM also noted that in certain parts of the road, there is not enough width to have four lanes – two lanes both ways - due to the central strip and the pavement.

IM said that the lane leading to Cirkewwa is uphill, therefore there will be two lanes so that there is the option to overtake any large vehicles. It added that the lane next to the beach will have parts with one lane as it is downhill. However, it said that one lane will be 5.5 metres, which is enough to allow two large vehicles to pass next to each other in case one vehicle stops.

Also, IM said that parts of the centre strip will have spaces so that in case of emergency, one can pass the traffic to the opposite lane in a manner controlled by a traffic officer.

“It is worth specifying that these interventions are being made with an investment of around 8 million euros in collaboration with other entities, in an area that has not seen a worthy investment for over 30 years.”

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