The Malta Independent 18 June 2024, Tuesday
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Public consultation on compilations of evidence reform ends

Thursday, 1 June 2023, 17:19 Last update: about 2 years ago

The public consultation regarding compilations of evidence and referrals procedure reforms has concluded, the government said.

The Minister of Justice Jonathan Attard organised a number of meetings with concerned parties as part of the process, including with the University of Malta, the MCESD, stakeholders as well as the public in general, a statement by the government read.

A number of suggestions from the Chamber of Advocates, the judiciary, NGOs, the European Prosecutor for Malta and political parties were also made, the government said.


This reform is aimed at substantially reducing the time taken during this stage of criminal proceedings and will be part of reforms in the justice sector, including in magisterial inquiries, to ensure that there is justice, that justice is seen to be done, and that justice takes place within a reasonable time.

The messages received in the consultation was that the justice administration system needs to continue improving and move away from the danger of stagnation.

The ministry is now evaluating the suggestions and proposals made in the consultation, so that the reform can move to the next stage, which is democratic scrutiny in Parliament.


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