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Chauffeurs must have an EU licence to apply for a Y-plate under newly approved regulations

Wednesday, 5 July 2023, 12:59 Last update: about 6 months ago

New regulations for chauffeur-driven cars have been approved and include new rules which make having a driver’s license from Malta or a country in the European Union mandatory to be applicable for a Y-plate.

Before this new rule was approved, if Y-plate drivers had a driver’s licence from outside the EU, they were still granted the Y-plate but given a one-year notice to get a Maltese or EU license.


In a statement released by the Transport Ministry, it said that these new regulations were implemented with the intention of regulating and improving this sector.

With these changes, there will also be a new curriculum from 17 July for the testing course that a driver must do to be given the tag, which will be done from Transport Malta’s offices. The statement added that this is being done to increase the level of standards of drivers in this sector.

Inspections from enforcement officers will also intensify with the new regulations, to make sure that the Y-plate cars are in good condition and being maintained well.

TM had already announced new regulations for Y-plates in May which would be enforceable from 23 July. The conditions include garage space confirmation which means that Light Passenger Transport Vehicles (LPTV) operators must submit an architect's report confirming the availability of adequate garage space when applying for or renewing their operator's license and, or a legal private off-street parking space for their exclusive use where to park their vehicles while these are not in use.

There will also be new requirements for LPTVs such as parking regulations where LPTVs can now legally park on the road for up to one hour using a parking disk. LPTVs will also no longer be obliged to return to the garage if they are available for booking during the driver's working hours, however, there will be distance restrictions from taxi stands and bus stops.

Legal changes will also be made so the LESA officers and police officers will be authorised to issue the necessary contraventions whenever there parking regulations abuse. There are also plans to use forensic experts within TM so that it will be better equipped to identify fake tags.

Lastly, the statement said that consultation sessions will begin to be held with all stakeholders so that by 2025 every new car registered as a Y-plate will be electric.

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