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Rizzo Naudi family finally receives magisterial inquiry conclusions

Semira Abbas Shalan Friday, 11 August 2023, 14:24 Last update: about 8 months ago

The family of beloved doctor Mario Rizzo Naudi’s on Friday finally received the process-verbal of the magisterial inquiry into what they describe as his ‘mysterious’ death.

Mario’s widow, Doriette Rizzo Naudi, and her two sons, collected the conclusions of the magisterial inquiry appointed into Mario’s death from the Attorney General’s Office in Valletta on Friday afternoon.

Doriette had reached out to The Malta Independent on Sunday four months after Mario’s death, explaining that the family was living in a limbo of uncertainty, trying to solve one mystery after another surrounding his death.

In a story published in this newspaper last Sunday, Doriette had spoken about many mysterious details which surrounded her husband’s death which she and her family keep wondering about. The conclusions of the magisterial inquiry will hopefully bring some form of closure to the Rizzo Naudi family.

The magisterial inquiry, presided over by Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech, was concluded around two months ago, two months after Mario’s death in hospital. The magistrate had decided to withhold the conclusions from the family, without giving a valid reason why.

After her story went public, the Attorney General had told the family that the process-verbal, which would supposedly list the findings of the inquiry, would be handed over. Last Monday, Doriette told The Malta Independent that she had been informed that the matter was being "given attention" by the AG and, a day later, the family was informed that the decision had been taken to provide the conclusions of the inquiry to the family. The family went to collect the document last Friday.

Doriette and her sons paid the fee of €72.21 to be able to have in their possession the true copy of the process-verbal.

In her initial reactions after receiving the copy, Doriette told The Malta Independent on Sunday that she felt a mix of excitement, gratefulness, and a lot of trepidation.

“I am dying to go home to read it,” Doriette said on Friday. Her sons also said that they were eager to read it, to find out what happened to their father, and figure out their next steps.

“Hopefully we can get some closure,” one of her sons said.

Mario, 70 years old at the time of his death, had been found limp in his home, with a pool of blood in the garage. He had been taken to hospital, sent home after nearly a week, but re-admitted a day later. He died while undergoing surgery.

He had suffered cranial injuries, which led to many “fits” during which he would get this incredible strength. Mario was also confused, and his lack of memory as to what happened remained until the end, Doriette said.

Doriette and her family have been trying to put together the pieces of the unsolved puzzle, with her speculating that the incident was possibly not just a mere accident, due to the strange details surrounding it.

She pleaded for an explanation, as even if the circumstances resulted in a bitter truth, the family should not be left hanging in the “fog”.

Many unanswered questions have left the grieving widow awake countless of nights, as she constantly thought about the details, some of which were uncharacteristic of Mario in her view.

Another mystery which the family could not understand was that on the Monday during Mario’s first hospital stay, Doriette had been informed that someone had filed a missing person's report for Mario, despite many knowing that he was in hospital.

Through the grapevine of information, Doriette had also learnt that the autopsy found that Mario had very severe cirrhosis of the liver and that his natural life wouldn't have lasted very long due to this situation.

She questioned whether the magisterial inquiry looked into these strange details, as no answers had been given to her, despite the family’s full cooperation during the inquiry.

Maybe, now, Doriette has her answers.

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