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It is shocking that no Minister resigned after social benefits fraud scheme – PN

Saturday, 23 September 2023, 15:28 Last update: about 3 months ago

The PN on Saturday said that several weeks have passed since the shock of the news of ongoing fraud and theft that siphons off millions of euros from social benefits, and no Minister has resigned from their position.

Earlier this month, Times of Malta revealed a scandal which saw former PL MP Silvio Grixti be implicated in a long-running racket for hundreds of people, often from Labour Party strongholds, to receive disability benefits of around €450 per month which they were not entitled to, by using false medical certificates.


“Prime Minister Robert Abela has taken no steps against the Minister responsible for this scandal, which has raised significant concerns among people from all political backgrounds,” PN MP David Agius said.

“Not only has the Minister (referring to Social Policy Minister Michael Falzon) escaped Abela's attention, but he has also come out saying that this is considered "business as usual," as if there were not citizens in his own district who were deprived of thousands of euros through fraudulent and unscrupulous tax practices,” Agius continued.

The Pm was referring to a statement made today, on radio, by Minister Michael Falzon, who insisted he had no responsibility for the scandal and that Grixti had paid the political price by resigning.

Agius said that these same people are victims of a fraudulent system that the Labour Government has allowed to thrive, stealing their votes.

“It is shocking that no Minister has resigned from their political responsibility,” Agius said.

He said that for Abela, stealing from the people's taxes is business as usual.

“For his Ministers, these are daily practices that are considered acceptable,” he said.

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