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Luca Minnelli and friends to perform in Malta

Sunday, 1 October 2023, 08:50 Last update: about 3 months ago

Famous international tenor returns to Malta with a grand dinner, dance spectacular and concert at Xara Lodge in November

World-renowned opera star Luca Minnelli, known worldwide as The Voice of Venice, will be performing with his orchestra in Malta on Saturday, 18 November, for what promises to be one of the best organised and spectacular musical and dance extravaganza of the year.

The concert, the second consecutive one being held in the shoulder month of November by Dynamic Events Ltd, is a perpetuation of the successful gala concert held last year at the Eden Arena, which attracted over 2,000 seated dining guests, who gave the Italian tenor no less than six standing ovations during the unforgettable evening.


It is the second time that the Italian singer will be performing in such a concert in Malta alongside his accomplished orchestra featuring world famous Maestro Diego Basso and Maestro Daniele Labelli, with star musicians Alvise Seggi and Nicola Breda, who both can play over seven different music instruments, and internationally famous drummer Tullio De Piscopo.

The concert will be backed by a local marching band The Malta Music Chamber, composed of 15 members and led by Maestro Silvan Abdilla. Dancers from Yada Dance Academy, led by Felix Busuttil, will be raising the curtain for this spectacular concert and a spectacular laser light show will add to the extraordinary dazzling light ambience specially created for this night.

The organiser for this annual music, arts and cultural event, Martin Vella, said that it was a huge challenge to bring over such great talent to Malta and despite requesting eligibility for funding, frustratingly request after request was turned down by the authorities concerned. "We had to be able to overcome many sacrifices, hardships and obstacles in order to bring over Sig. Minelli and his orchestra to Malta. Despite the fact that we were eligible for funding, we were denied a level playing ground as others have been given huge funding many times over! We also had been advised not to do such concerts in future! Instead, we have pulled all our resources, invested heavily on purchasing our own instruments, PA sound system, mixers and other concert equipment, and also pulled the same rope in order to set up such a massive concert, where our distinguished guests are seated, treated to a five-star banquet, Prosecco, free flowing wine and entertained with the best talent possibly available in the lyric-opera, contemporary music and dance scene in the world today, bringing home a unique and unprecedented performance to all the people who have music and the dance arts at heart," said Vella.

Vella added that discussions are also under way to bring one of the world's best dance performing DJs to perform alongside Sig. Minelli and this can only be confirmed once agreements are signed and date confirmed. He was reluctant to divulge any further. "If this goes through, then Malta will be experiencing the first ever performance by the world's No. 1 DJ, together with Luca Minnelli!" revealed Vella.

"Both Luca and myself cannot wait to host and welcome our audience from Malta and beyond for a truly spectacular evening show, complete with a repertoire spanning classical masterpieces and favourite hit songs. Those who know us well, know that we always deliver our best to our audience, since we do this with an unsurpassed  passion and dedication," Vella said.

The concert is also being supported by V&C Group and Professional Survey Services.

Dynamic Events Ltd's managing partner, Margaret Brincat said: "We established this annual calendar event last year and it is here to stay! We are highly successful in providing the services of the highly-acclaimed international tenor Luca Minelli, who has sung in over 200 countries over the past 30 years, appeared on Rai TV channels no less than four times in the past two months, debuted his album with Brian May of Queen and Kerry Ellis, Broadway musical legend, sang alongside superstar Lady Gaga, joined Deep Purple in Bologna during their recent concert, sang at La Scala Theatre - Milan, New York, Paris, Moscow and other countries. Last year we had over 400 registered foreigners attending the show in November and yet we did not get recognised for this!" enthused Brincat.



Tickets for the concert will be available through, from: [email protected] or via mob: 9940 6743, 9919 6510. Visit: for more information

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