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March for Life: ‘People must be the voice of the voiceless’ - activist

Sunday, 3 December 2023, 16:30 Last update: about 4 months ago

The annual March for Life took place on Sunday in Valletta, and a number of speeches were delivered.

Hundreds joined the March with the theme Il Ħajja Dritt (Life is a Right). The theme "draws on the fact that all Human Rights without the right to life are superfluous," the organisers said.

"A wide-ranging group of all ages gathered at Castille on Sunday and marched a route culminating in Jean de Valette Square where they heard public addresses from an academic, a campaigner, two students, and a woman with lived experience of both having abortion, and working in the abortion industry," a statement by the organisers read.


Daniella Zerafa, a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Social Work at the University of Malta, recalled her interaction with a young girl during her time working as a social worker. She said that this eleven-year-old girl was not able to live with her family and had just learned about abortion. She said that the girl had wanted to know more about what abortion meant, and so she explained it to her. "I explained it to her, and after some time in silence, her eyes filled with tears and she started to cry."

Zerafa said that she had asked the girl why she was crying, to which the girl replied: "They could have done that to me as well, killed me before I was born, and I would have not been able to do anything to stop them".

Hearing this, Zerafa said that she started crying as well, but that she cried in gratitude for her parents who had allowed her to be born and live despite not being able to raise her themselves.

She urged everyone to continue valuing life and help their children learn to do the same.

Michaela Agius, a student of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malta, said that her message was to encourage other students to speak in favour of life and be active in what is going on around them. "Participate in public decisions and fight for the fundamental right to life starting in the womb," she said.

Martha Abdilla Mulholland, a Learning Support Educator student at MCAST, said that she has always valued the importance of life, beginning at conception and ending at someone's last breath. She said that her pregnancy has not stopped her from doing what she wants, and that pregnancy "is a road that brings much joy to your life".

Patricia Sandoval, an American pro-life activist, said that she has spoken in many countries before, but that Malta is the first time she has spoken in a pro-life country. "I have never spoken in a country where they cherish life," she said. Sandoval said that the "abortion industry lies to women" by calling abortion "a way out". She recounted her experience working at a planned parenthood clinic and said that she was lied to and told to use dehumanising language.

She spoke about Malta's status as the only country within the European Union that has not legalised abortion. "Malta is the brightest light in Europe... You're the biggest example for the world," she added.

CEO of the Life Network Foundation Dr Miriam Sciberras said that a year ago they were gathered in the same place "with the cloud of abortion hanging above us". She said that through the people there, "the abortion clause did not pass". She said that abortion kills and that the people must be the voice of the voiceless.


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