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Veterinary course will be offered for the first time in Malta, says Prime Minister

Friday, 23 February 2024, 14:13 Last update: about 3 months ago

Malta will offer its first-ever veterinary course, Prime Minister Robert Abela said. He said that this initiative is being done in cooperation with MCAST and a foreign university.

While discussing different subjects with the young people present at a Labour Youth Forum event, the Prime Minister spoke about the ongoing work to introduce a veterinary course to the Maltese education sector. He said that it is important for Malta to have the best opportunities possible for everyone.


Going into more detail regarding the work being done to set up the course, Abela said that he has spoken with the directors of MCAST, who he said immediately reacted with encouragement to work and “end this ugly reality in our country” which dictates that anyone interested in graduating as a veterinarian has to go study abroad as the option is not available locally. He said that this reality must be addressed, and so through collaboration between MCAST and a foreign university, a veterinary course will begin being offered for the first time for Maltese and Gozitan students as well as other people who wish to study the field in Malta.

Abela also remarked about the trade institute initiative where things will be consolidated and accredited training will be offered in collaboration with the relevant industry along with trained educators and experienced workers in various trades which form part of the Labour Party’s vision for the education sector.

Abela concluded by speaking to the students and youths present at the event. The Labour Party Communications Office said that among the topics discussed were youth activism in politics, sustainable development, and the importance of cherishing the Maltese language.

He said that the PL wants to push each of their qualities forward and that the message which shall be sent on June 8th during the upcoming elections is that “we don’t sit at home and let apathy reign, but we go out and vote for whoever brings social and economic changes to the forefront at a national and European level”.

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