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The Convenience Shop Group marks 15 years of success and innovation

Friday, 1 March 2024, 13:01 Last update: about 3 months ago

The Convenience Shop Group, Malta's leading name in the convenience sector, is celebrating its 15th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its journey of growth, innovation, and commitment to serving communities in Malta. Since its inception in 2009, The Convenience Shop Group has been dedicated to providing quality convenience shopping experiences tailored to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Reflecting on the past 15 years, Director Ivan Calleja, one of the founding members of The Convenience Shop Group, highlights the key factor behind the company's sustained success: "Being close to staff and customers has been integral to our journey. We believe in educating our staff to listen to our customer's needs and providing them with the tools to satisfy those needs effectively. Customers are our lifeblood, and our employees are the backbone of our success. We remain dedicated to placing the customer at the centre of everything we do and strengthening even more our ties with the community. Corporate Social Responsibility is close to The Convenience Shop's heart, and we believe in giving back to the community and supporting those in need."


Joseph Pace, Director and also founding member of The Convenience Shop Group reflected on the financial achievements of the past years, noting, "Reflecting on the last 15 years, significant financial achievements stand out for The Convenience Shop Group. Our commitment to driving growth and delivering value to shareholders has been unwavering. Notably, our successful listing on the Malta Stock Exchange has been a pivotal moment in our journey, further solidifying our position as a reputable and publicly traded entity. Furthermore, recent developments in our Human Resources department have strengthened our workforce, ensuring we have the talent and capabilities to support our continued growth and success."

Throughout its history, The Convenience Shop Group has demonstrated its adaptability to shifts in consumer behaviour. Director Kevin Deguara noted, "In the dynamic landscape of retail, we have observed significant shifts in consumer behaviour over the past 15 years. As a result, we have continuously adapted our retail strategy to meet changing demands and preferences."


Looking towards the future, Director Manuel Piscopo emphasised the importance of innovation and strategic planning: "We continually monitor customer trends and industry developments in the FMCG sector. The Convenience Shop Group consistently implements innovative strategies to enhance the shopping experience. This includes our exclusive collaboration with Coop Italian Food which has expanded our product range. These initiatives reflect our dedication to meeting evolving customer needs and fostering strategic partnerships for mutual success."

CEO Martin Agius shares his vision for the future, stating, "As we commemorate this milestone, we envision implementing innovative strategies to drive continued growth and adapt to evolving consumer trends. Key upcoming milestones include the opening of additional franchised stores and the inauguration of The Convenience Shop's head office and flagship store in Qormi. Looking further ahead, The Convenience Shop Group aspires to make its first international placement by 2025, expanding its reach and tapping into new markets. Our commitment to serving the community remains steadfast, and we will continue to evolve our role to meet changing customer needs."

The Convenience Shop Group's journey over the past 15 years has been marked by remarkable growth, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to corporate social responsibility. As the company looks ahead to the next chapter, it remains focused on delivering exceptional products, services, and experiences to its customers while making a positive impact on the Maltese communities it serves.


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