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‘This government is leading without direction,’ Bernard Grech says

Sabrina Zammit Sunday, 14 April 2024, 13:11 Last update: about 2 months ago

This government is leading without direction, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said during a political activity on Sunday.

Grech said that the Labour government's politics are based on press releases and "how they are going to get the most money."

During a political event in Msida, Grech, with reference to a photo posted on Facebook  by Siggiewi Mayor Dominic Grech, said that despite having five years to fix a pavement, the mayor decided to photoshop the picture and edit the pavement as if it were fixed.


Grech said that it is evident that the Labour Party is lying in front of everyone, "let alone what they are lying about behind your back," he said.

Grech also spoke about the cost of living and questioned what the government is doing about it, apart from a 'PR tactic' called 'Stabilita'. He warned that even supporters of the PL are complaining about the increasing prices of essential goods.

He said that despite not everyone being vocal, over the past months there have also been councillors and mayors who have left the Labour Party.

The PN Leader is of the opinion that Prime Minister Robert Abela is managing the government by crisis.

Grech said that soon Malta will celebrate Labour Day and said that the Labour Party will be the one to state that they are the party of the workers, despite becoming "the party of money and those who want to steal".

He said that even young adults who have a decent income are finding it hard to buy a property and consider it a dream because of the many financial difficulties they face.

On the "government being managed by crisis," Grech said that even for projects that there were plans for, such as the acute mental health hospital, it is still yet to be built.

Moreover, he said that despite some roads having just been renovated, they had to be dug up again to upgrade electricity cables. Here, he said that this is a clear example of how the government completes one project and never thinks of the future, but acts when a problem arises.

Grech said that under a PN government, the nation would have a clear plan as to how it's going to support local businesses, importers, and exporters of goods, and how it is going to support the workers. Moreover, it would also ensure a more inclusive economy "that benefits everyone," he said.

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