The Malta Independent 12 July 2024, Friday
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Malta embraces EdTech to drive economic growth and innovation

Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 14:42 Last update: about 4 months ago

Minister for the Economy, Enterprise, and Strategic Projects, Silvio Schembri, addressed the audience attending a Times of Malta Business Breakfast regarding the critical importance of Educational Technology (EdTech) in shaping Malta’s future. Malta’s commitment to harnessing the transformative power of EdTech for economic resilience and competitiveness was underscored. 

This event served as a platform for collaboration and idea generation, bringing together entities from different sectors to chart a proactive path forward. 

“In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, embracing EdTech isn’t just a choice; it’s an imperative for progress, innovation, and sustained growth. EdTech has myriad benefits to offer, highlighting its role in revolutionizing traditional educational paradigms, transcending geographical boundaries, and democratizing access to high-quality education for learners of all ages and backgrounds,” stated Minister Schembri.

He continued that the economic opportunities EdTech presents for Malta vary from job creation and the export of educational services to support for SMEs and startups, and it offers a plethora of avenues for economic growth and diversification. He emphasised that by nurturing a vibrant EdTech ecosystem, Malta aims to stimulate job growth, attract foreign investment, and enhance the employability of its workforce. 

“Through partnerships with entities like the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) and Malta Enterprise, Malta is driving forward initiatives to support EdTech innovation and foster entrepreneurship. All stakeholders should seize the opportunities afforded by EdTech and work together to create a brighter, more prosperous future for all Maltese citizens,” highlighted Minister Schembri. 

He concluded that the government is committed to driving forward initiatives that promote innovation, economic growth, and social development in Malta while fostering collaboration and leveraging technology to further enhance Malta’s ecosystem.


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