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Sustainability by a 'horizontal and holistic' yet ambitious plan can give tangible results -Dalli

Andrea Caruana Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 20:22 Last update: about 1 month ago

Minister for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour, Miriam Dalli addressed parliament on Monday, saying that sustainability by a 'horizontal and holistic' yet ambitious plan can give tangible results.

Parliament was discussing the Annual Report on Sustainable Development for the Year 2022.

Dalli said that in the last few sittings, measures in various sectors were discussed to facilitate the transition to sustainability.


She said that government aims to attain emission neutrality by 2050 and heard the voices of various stakeholders, including the youth, via the ClimateOn campaign. She believes that a climatic solution that can "really cause a change" can be done.

Dalli said that government is committed to ensure a sustainable development that caters for the environment, opportunities and the economy with everyone having the ability to reach their full potential in a safe and healthy environment. The government has the Maltese families and workers at heart, she said, and that is why it wants better productivity, quality for Maltese workers.

Apart from the above, this government wants equal opportunities, more integration and better healthcare, Dalli said. She added that health is central to the life of the individual and that the government is determined to guard their wellbeing by providing access to healthcare for everyone, embarking on health promotion campaigns to tackle issues such as obesity and providing training for health professionals to help in prevention. 

Dalli went on to say that government worked on green and blue schemes to attract investment for a better quality of work with the least impact on the environment. Furthermore, government worked to make more public spaces for families to enjoy especially in urban areas, she said.

Dalli pointed out the bolstering in pensions and wages to help the vulnerable and strengthen social welfare. She added that better work conditions will be achieved through campaigns of education and training.

Dalli specifically mentioned skills training such as that of educators and programs for vocational training which are a direct investment in the people and the workers. This investment is not only in financial terms, she said, but also in environmental with entities having schemes to invest in renewable resources.

These schemes are particularly targeted to NGOs, she said and mentioned two schemes in particular for sustainability and environmental efficiency to decrease their energy consumption.

Regarding energy consumption, Dalli mentioned Malta's participation in IRENA, in Abu Dhabi and its joining in the Lighthouse Initiative, which sees small nations similar to Malta discussing energy issues, all to help the transition to renewable energy. 

Dalli said that renewable energy relies on politics and the well-being of the people depends on a healthy environment and an ecosystem that works. She also said that consistency and coherence in various sectors are crucial for sustainable change. 

"I believe this country can do much more", Dalli said, that is why the government's aim is to keep moving forward for the better of the people. She said that the 2030 plan is horizontal, holistic and ambitious but can give concrete results.

She concluded by saying that the plan needs all our support and that we must work hand in hand for a truly sustainable future where challenges are turned into opportunities. "After all, this is how we can make a difference," she said.

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