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Bernard Grech files judicial protest to receive copy of hospitals' magisterial inquiry

Thursday, 23 May 2024, 11:03 Last update: about 30 days ago

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech filed a judicial protest in court on Thursday, requesting the Attorney General to provide a copy of the magisterial inquiry into the Vitals case to him, as well as publish it to the public.

Grech spoke in front of the courts in Valletta, where he said that the PN is continuing its pressure on the AG, and holding her responsible for not yet providing the Opposition Leader a copy of the magisterial inquiry, which was concluded last month, and brought about criminal charges for top officials who were in government at the time of the agreement.


Grech said that the AG has the obligation to provide a copy to the PN Leader, as previous Opposition Leaders were given the right in Court to acquire the magisterial inquiry into the Egrant case.

“We will continue making a number of steps, as the AG is choosing who to give the magisterial inquiry to,” Grech said, remarking that Prime Minister Robert Abela and former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat already have a copy in hand.

He said that the AG fell short of her duties.

Grech said that Abela has the inquiry in hand and is using it for his own purposes, while the Opposition is prevented from sharing the facts of the inquiry.

“He never denied that he has the copy of the inquiry. He is using it for his interests, as is Muscat. There are limited people who have access to this inquiry and are using its information for their needs, and to control public narrative,” Grech said, adding that the Opposition is left to resort to press releases and the media.

He said that the public has the right to know the contents of the inquiry, and if Abela and Muscat truly believe that they, and others criminally charged, did nothing wrong, then they should not be hiding the magisterial inquiry, and refrain from publishing it.

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