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‘Today was most important day for Opposition,’ PM Abela says while urging supporters to vote Labour

Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 19:48 Last update: about 25 days ago

Today was the most important day for the Opposition, while for the Labour Party it is 8 June, the date of the European Parliament and local council elections, Prime Minister Robert Abela told Labour Party supporters during a political rally.

Abela was addressing a political event on Tuesday evening, the very day former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, as well as former Minister Konrad Mizzi, went to court and were charged over the hospitals deal. Muscat, Mizzi and Schembri pleaded not guilty.


Abela said that "this country has a lot more that unites than divides. That is our call of 'is-sahha lil-Maltin'.

He said that Malta is too small to divide. He said that it would be easy for him to "come here and say, let me be partisan, or bang the drums to rally the troops to meet the holy war others want to make. But, my message to you is one of national unity. Where there is division, we need to continue being the agents of unity. Where there are those who want to so hatred, we need to be the agents of love. I love Malta and Gozo too much to allow anyone to try and divide us."

"Our party remains strong as long as it remains loyal to its values, protecting the workers, social mobility, social justice."

"We should never forget why we are here, that is why the choice on 8 June is crucial for our country. A choice to give me the strength to continue leading this party on the road of good, the road that unifies and not the road that divides."

He said that the Labour Party implemented what it promised. "This is a government for the people, a government that works." He said that it is the only political force in the country with a vision, the courage and the strength to make the country a success.

 "The choice on 8 June is between us and an Opposition party that is interested in negativity and has no form of vision. Their only manifesto was the process verbal of a magisterial inquiry. It is crystal clear that for them, the most important day was today. They threw all their efforts there. For us, the most important day remains 8 June. As, while the processes that have to happen in court must occur, for the truth to come out, and the people deserve the truth and even justice,  I would have a strong mandate to, in your name, always push this country forward."

He said that the government works for the people. "It works with your strength, and that is why I am coming to you and again asking for your strong trust, as without you we are nothing, that is why the power is in your hands. Look at others, they believe they can lead even without your support, that they can govern without your mandate. Do you know why they believe that, as they didn't change and they haven't removed the arrogance that overcame them when they were in government."

Abela said that it is the same sense of "superiority, the same tone of elitism, that either they are the leaders, or else break things." He said that the people, through their strength, has refuted that attitude a number of times, "and I am convinced you will refuse their arrogance on 8 June."

Abela said that not everything is perfect, and mistakes are made, "but because we have courage, because we have humility, because we have strength, we keep on reforming. My leadership is the product of all we have gathered together, leadership that couldn't not build on all the good that happened, but leadership that reformed where needed."

He said that they reformed, "and will not fear reforming as that is what genuine activists of this party deserve."

Abela said that "we are bigger than I."

"While others are interested in breaking, they are trying to ridicule the results we are achieving. Rest assured that investment came, are coming and will continue to come in Malta and Gozo. If you received a higher stipend, you took it last year and it will continue to rise, we increased pensions year after year and they will continue to increase, we reduced the price of energy and it will remain low, we grew the economy and it will continue to grow year on year," he said.

"Others don't tell us what they will do. Their plan is to take what we gave you. Their plan is to break all the achievements we achieved with your strength. Let us not allow them to remove our focus from the subjects that affect you every day."







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