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PN achieved all set targets for MEP elections, Grech says

Sabrina Zammit Monday, 10 June 2024, 20:06 Last update: about 3 days ago

The PN has achieved all its set targets for last weekend's MEP elections, PN Leader Bernard Grech said during a political interview on Monday.

The Nationalist Party won three of the six seats in the European Parliament elections, and narrowed the gap between it and the Labour Party to below 9,000 votes.

Grech said that the PN's targets were to win the third European Parliament seat and to decrease the gap in votes between the PN and the PL, which it did. The gap in the EP elections was under 9,000 votes.

The PN Leader said that he received many messages and emails of support and that the very large decrease in vote difference signifies a new found "liberty" for people, which allows them to freely express themselves. He also said that with these results, the nation also sent a clear message that it wants to distance itself from political spin and is now ready for mature politics.

On behalf of the PN, Roberta Metsola was elected with a record-breaking tally of single-count votes - 87,473.  Peter Agius was the PN's second candidate to be elected. He received 9,418 first count votes.  David Casa meanwhile was not the PN's best performer when it came to first count votes - 5,851 - but made up ground through vote inheritance from Metsola.

For the PL Agius Saliba was the only one out of the PL's four former incumbent MEPs who re-contested his seat, and his profile paid dividends with voters as he registered 63,899 first count votes - comfortably enough to be elected on the first count.

Daniel Attard was the PL's next best performing candidate when it came to first count votes - 11,703, and voter inheritance meant that he was elected. Thomas Bajada was the final PL candidate to win a seat. Bajada received 10,792 first count votes.

During the political interview, the PN leader was also asked what his prospects are for the upcoming local council elections. He said that the party is still humble, however is aiming to have an increased PN presence in all localities.

He said that as PN Leader, he had three phases for the party, since being elected as its leader. The first one being to stabilise the party, the second to decrease the amount of votes between parties and the last one being the "alternative government you want".

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