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President Spiteri Debono addresses international summit on Ukraine situation

Monday, 17 June 2024, 08:56 Last update: about 30 days ago

President Myriam Spiteri Debono addressed an international summit held on the Ukraine situation on Sunday.

Her speech was passed on to the media by the Department of Information on Monday.

Nearly 80 countries called Sunday for the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine to be the basis for any peace agreement to end Russia’s two-year war. The conference was held in Switzerland.

This is her short address in full:

On behalf of the Republic of Malta, I commend the initiative taken by the Swiss Confederation in hosting this Summit with the aim of bringing together members of the international community in order to pursue our shared interest in the achievement of a just and lasting peace for Ukraine and its people.

In this regard, this occasion provides the opportunity to reaffirm that peace can only be possible if it is based on the tenets of international law and including the UN Charter. This is the cornerstone of multilateralism – a multilateralism based on the mutual respect amongst nations, the upholding of international law, and the UN Charter, these principles are the basis of this attempt to achieve and protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and the independence and sovereignty of its people.

This code of procedure, the upholding of the principles that are common and crucially important for all nations, will remain at the heart of Malta’s efforts to contribute to the achievement of a just and lasting peace for the Ukrainian people - this includes efforts by Malta in its current role as a member of the United Nations Security Council.

Based on this conviction, I confirm my country’s full backing of the objective to work towards reaching a common starting point that will lead towards the creation of a comprehensive framework for peace. It is equally essential that this initiative strives to bring on board all parties committed to seeking peace by diplomacy, above all other means.  A successful peace process needs the support of all global partners guided by a common vision of fully restoring Ukraine’s inherent sovereign rights.

While looking towards a peaceful future, we should not lose sight of the suffering brought on by a war that has been increasingly characterised by civilians being merely seen as collateral damage. It is our collective duty to ensure that assistance reaches all those in need in Ukraine and beyond and all those who have been affected by these continued and continuing acts of aggression in one way or another.

Today is an important step forward to achieve our aim. This summit should be the foundation of further meetings with the aim of securing a just and lasting peace for Ukraine and its people. We gathered here today are steadfast in our aims of achieving a just and peaceful international order, and particularly a just and lasting peace for the current situation in Ukraine. This strong message must be clearly communicated to the Russian Federation and to all other states that, through their actions, challenge our shared set of values.



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