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Third edition of EY Engage focuses on enterprise, AI, business transformation

Thursday, 20 June 2024, 14:57 Last update: about 27 days ago

The third edition of EY Engage, held at the Intercontinental Hotel Arena on 19 June, focused on six key areas of interest: Enterprise IT Transformation, Data & AI,  Business Transformation enabled through Cloud, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Resilience, and the AI Augmented Workforce. A mix of plenary talks and breakout sessions brought together over 500 CIOs, CTOs and tech experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with transformation.

In an atmosphere of curiosity and corporate foresight, EY Malta's ENGAGE event unfolded with a series of distinguished speakers who artfully blended their expertise with the visionary ethos of EY. The proceedings began with a welcome from Kevin Mallia, Consulting Partner at EY Malta, who set the tone for a day dedicated to exploring the synergies between technology and business strategy.

Michael Azzopardi, representing the acumen of EY's Technology Consulting, captivated the audience with his insights on architecting a digital future, underscoring the imperative of harnessing data and AI to drive competitive advantage and innovation. His presentation  resonated with EY's commitment to building a better working world through transformative technology.

Following this, the event featured a series of presentations delivered by EY's Global Alliance Partners, showcasing the collaborative spirit and collective expertise that underpin EY's approach to building a better working world. These partners, leaders in their respective fields, provided invaluable perspectives on the integration of cutting-edge technologies into business strategy such as key insights into AI's role in business transformation. International speakers included Mary Bina of Microsoft (Azure Lead, Customer Success Unit, Microsoft Greece, Cyprus and Malta) who emphasized AI's impact on industry evolution and customer experince enhancement, demonstrating EY's digital leadership.

Ricardo Miguez Del (Artificial Intelligence Applications Manager in Europe, Middle East, and Africa) IBM, discussed the transformative potential of AI Assistants for workforce productivity, aligning with EY's innovative strategies.

Roberto Morandi (WER AI Business Development Executive) of Dell Technologies explored the creative possibilities of Generative AI, mirroring EY's commitment to fostering innovation.

Lastly, Patrice Favennec (Sales Director) and Aurobrata Hui (Specialist in Risk & Compliance) from Pegasystems spoke about advancing towards autonomous enterprises with AI, highlighting EY's strategic use of AI in risk and compliance to uphold its position as a leader in digital transformation.

 Presentations  reflected EY's ethos of excellence, integrity, and leadership, collectively offering a glimpse into a future where technology and human ingenuity converge to redefine the business landscape.

“At EY Engage, we unite as pioneers at the digital evolution's forefront, crafting Malta's tech-led future. Embracing Data & AI, Cyber Security, cloud transformation, and the Augmented Workforce, we're setting benchmarks for innovation, resilience, and growth. Let's collaboratively shape and define Malta's digital destiny.” said Kevin Mallia, EY Malta Consulting Partner.

Technology leaders delved into the integration of AI, data analytics, and cloud technologies as pivotal for business innovation and growth. The forum highlighted the necessity of secure AI applications, agile cybersecurity strategies, and robust data governance. Tech Leaders from EY, technology alliances, and the local IT ecosystem shared insights on transforming business operations and seizing new opportunities. Discussions focused on the potential of AI to reshape business models, the importance of ethical data management, and the benefits of cloud platforms for scalability and efficiency. The C-suite were encouraged to navigate the digital transformation, ensuring their organizations not only adapted but also excelled in an era of rapid technological progress.

EY Engage has become synonymous with a space for business leaders and tech experts to explore innovative and emerging technologies. With 20 exhibitors, the expo space
encouraged networking and discussion through the numerous discussions and demos available sharing AI use cases, metaverse experience for industries such as retail and manufacturing, new hardware, and automation systems.

Ronald Attard, EY Malta CMP and EY CESA Strategy and Transactions Leader said, “One of EY Engage’s main appeals is the coming together of tech experts to connect on not only the limitations of the disruptive power of emerging technologies but the many opportunities that automation and AI can provide that can unlock long-term value for an organisation and propel it towards the future.”

EY Malta would like to thank their main global alliances databricks, Dell Technologies, IBM, Miscosoft, Pegasystems, SAP and SAP LeanIX as well as other key sponsors namely epic, Exigy, Fonicom , GO Business, ICT Solutions, PTL and SG Solutions for supporting the EY Engage Conference.

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