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Msida PN local councillors-elect call for discussion on new Msida creek proposal

Monday, 24 June 2024, 12:49 Last update: about 22 days ago

The local councillors elected on behalf of the Nationalist party to the Msida Local Council have called for a discussion on new plans for the Msida creek project that were proposed by the Chamber of Architects.

On Sunday, the Chamber of Architects unveiled new conceptual plans for the junction at Msida creek, which is set to see two flyovers built across it as part of Infrastructure Malta plans. The Chamber is proposing the removal of the flyovers, as well as to transform the core of the locality into a 20,000 square metre park.

The Mayor-elect of the Msida Local Council Charles Selvaggi, together with the councillors elected on behalf of the Nationalist Party, deputy Mayor-elect Christine Amaira, and councillors Maurice Agius, Alfred Farrugia, and Christopher Borg, issued a statement on Monday welcoming with pleasure the proposal put forward by the Chamber of Architects, as an alternative to the flyover project as planned.

"While the details of this proposal still need to be carefully examined, the members elected on behalf of the Nationalist Party to represent the residents of Msida are confident that this alternative could offer a better quality of life to the residents of Msida and to all who visit this locality," the statement read.

It said that the elected councillors already had their reservations about the flyover project as proposed by the authorities, particularly in light of the fact that there was no guarantee that the proposed flyover would reduce traffic in the area.

However, the councillors had always declared their clear position in favour of the open space that was proposed.

"The elected councillors are appealing to the government and the relevant authorities to immediately consider the proposal of the Chamber of Architects and not dismiss it without seeing if it makes sense as an alternative," the statement read.

The Mayor-elect, along with the four councillors elected on behalf of the PN requested a meeting with all the authorities concerned with this project to discuss this proposal, together with the Chamber of Architects, before work starts on the original project in Msida, including to see if this proposal, or parts of it, can be implemented.

The councillors also said that should the request be accepted, the members elected to the Msida Local Council on behalf of the Labour Party also need to be present at the meeting, being a decision that will affect all Msida residents.

"The members elected to the Msida Local Council on behalf of the PN are committed to working hard to provide Msida residents a project that improves their quality of life," the statement read.

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