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Interview With Aurélien Guichard, the perfumer at Davidoff Champion

Malta Independent Sunday, 29 August 2010, 00:00 Last update: about 8 years ago

Aurélien Guichard was born in Grasse in the tradition of high perfumery. It was only after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Politics and Sociology in England, that during an internship at Givaudan New York, the desire to create perfumes awoke in him. Composition became his mode of expression. He entered the School of Perfumery in 1997 and joined the Fine Fragrance team in Paris immediately thereafter. He created his first success in 2002 before spending two years in New York. His inspiration is

“To love, to be enchanted by a dress, to touch textures and imagine a scent for all these moments. Memories and fantasies trigger my inspiration.” And his vision in life is “My conception of a beautiful perfume is a perfume that transmits emotions.”

How did your passion for fragrances begin? What was your vision of this job?

I grew up in Grasse, the area where jasmine and rose are produced. My father is a renowned perfumer and his mother an artist, both gave me creative influences. Perfumery means listening to the others and respecting the people who work on raw materials.

What are your main sources of inspiration when creating a fragrance and in particular this new Davidoff scent?

I try not to use the same ingredients all the time. Furthermore, I challenge myself to work with overdoses of ingredients.

Do you have favourite notes you always use in your compositions?

Woody notes for masculine fragrances.

According to you, what is the secret to make a good fragrance?

A daring work with freedom. Overdose. A fragrance created with your heart.

What does Davidoff represent to you?

Authenticity, rough masculinity mixed with sexiness, intensity, vibrancy and freshness. Freshness is key since Cool Water.

The Fragrance

How would you describe this fragrance?

Fresh, clean, with character and a sensual trail. Furthermore, Davidoff Champion has clearly integrated the heritage of Davidoff fragrances.

Which family does it belong to?

Fresh woody.

Could you describe each facet in detail: top, heart, base?

Top: an overdose of freshness.

A direct start with bergamot and lemon. As you know the citrus notes are the most volatile ones, they diffuse an immediate freshness, thus stimulating our mental power and make us feel fit and toned.

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