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Police officers testify against Libyan ‘accomplice’ of Joe Sammut

Kevin Schembri Orland Thursday, 11 February 2016, 15:43 Last update: about 5 years ago

Police officers testified in court today against a Libyan man with alleged ties to Joe Sammut, who currently facing charges related to the Libyan visas scandal, stating that he would present void property lease agreements to authorities.

Inspectors Jonathan Ferris, Lara Butters and William Scicluna testified in the compilation of evidence against Ali Fauzi Ltetey, 38-years old living in Sliema.

Aside from allegedly helping Sammut commit fraud, he is also charged with giving false declaration.

While searching Sammut’s offices, the police officers found 11 names of people who leased property, that were already meant to have a number of foreigners residing in them.

When the police spoke with some of the 11 land lords, a number of them mentioned Fauzi.

According to the police, Fauzi would enter into an agreement with Maltese people who would have property up for rent, in order to rent them to a number of Libyan nationals.

The police said that Fauzi would later inform the Maltese landlords that the Libyan nationals were not coming to Malta, but would not tell the authorities.

Dr Arthur Azzopardi representing the defence.

Joe Sammut has been charged with fraud, misappropriation, non-observance of due diligence and forgery to enable Libyans to set up companies in Malta and become eligible for residence permits.

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