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Over 110 'general hands' promoted to 'senior operatives' in Gozo prior to 2017 election announcement

Rebecca Iversen Tuesday, 15 May 2018, 20:32 Last update: about 5 years ago

116 employees within the Directorate for Projects and Development, falling under the Gozo Ministry, were promoted from 'general hands' to 'senior operatives' in April 2017, according to information tabled in parliament this evening.

The promotions occurred close to the general election on the 3rd of June 2017, and just before the official announcement for an election was made by the Prime Minister on May 1.

The Parliamentary Question was posed by PN MP Chris Said, who asked for a list of all new appointments within every entity and department falling under the Gozo ministry, and also for information as to the prior grades of said employees.

Speaking to The Malta Independent, Said said that such promotions were skipping more than one grade. "It is obvious that such promotions were done for votes,  which was reflected in Gozo's electoral results" Said claimed.

In addition, the same directorate saw 29 'HAB' employees being promoted to Senior Operative, 13 labourers promoted to Senior Operatives and 15 Operatives to Senior Operatives in the same month of April 2017. The Minister of Gozo at the time was Anton Refalo.

Promotions at the Directorate for Projects and Development, under the Gozo ministry occurred throughout the last 5 years. The total number of promotions, and/or appointments since 2013 within this directorate alone are as follows:

2013: 35

2014: 65

2015: 36

2016: 121

2017: 307 

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