The Malta Independent 3 June 2020, Wednesday

Opposition sees parliament two-week stop as move to delay debate on Embryo Protection Authority

Tuesday, 14 May 2019, 08:49 Last update: about 2 years ago

The Opposition has said that the unexpected two-week stoppage of Parliament sessions was the government’s way of delaying a debate on the Embryo Protection Authority.

Parliament was adjourned for two weeks on Monday, a day before a debate was due on the financial estimates of the Embryos Protection Authority.

Government whip Byron Camilleri told the House at the adjournment that the House would meet in session after the European Parliament and local council elections.


The decision came as a surprise for the Opposition as the matter had not been discussed at the House Business Committee, where parliamentary agenda is scheduled.

Camilleri noted poor attendance for sittings due to the ongoing electoral campaigns. 

He said that although the government had originally proposed resuming sittings on 27 May, it had accepted an Opposition proposal for sittings to resume on 28 May due to the fact that vote-counting would still be underway the day before.

But a PN statement later said that the embryo protection debate is something that would have put the government in an uncomfortable position, especially before an election.


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