The Malta Independent 22 September 2019, Sunday

Hal Far murder: No political responsibility needs to be shouldered, PM says

Jeremy Micallef Monday, 20 May 2019, 12:17 Last update: about 5 months ago

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat today said that, considering the capture of the two alleged suspects in the murder of Ivorian national Lassana Cisse, then he should be congratulating the police rather than seeking to pin the blame and see political responsibility shouldered.

Two soldiers pleaded not guilty yesterday to allegedly murdering a migrant and the attempted murder of two others in Hal Far last month.

Speaking in Paola, Muscat said that there is no other issue other than to congratulate the police for the impeccable work that they did, and he had no doubt that the running of the Armed Forces of Malta is very good.

He did however note that an internal investigation is being carried out to determine whether these are isolated rogue individuals, or part of something wider.

When it was pointed out that there was a connection between the aforementioned murder and a hit-and-run incident a few months back which involved one of the individuals being accused, the Prime Minister noted that the police confirmed the connection, and that there had been an admission.

“In reality, we should congratulate the police for getting to the bottom of this, particularly in such a tricky situation.”

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