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Watch: ‘Together we made history’ – Prime Minister tells jubilant PL crowd

Sunday, 26 May 2019, 13:35 Last update: about 6 months ago

Together we’ve written the history of this country; there has never been any party or movement that achieved what was done in this election, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said this afternoon.

Speaking at the Labour Party headquarters in Hamrun, before a massive crowd that gathered to celebrate Labour's win in the EP election, Muscat said that the result showed that "what unites us is firmly larger than that which divides us", and that people want unity, not division.

“I wish to thank you from my heart that for the 10th time you put faith in this movement.”

The Prime Minister said that he had to admit to making the mistake of saying that the Labour Party won with the same majority as the general election, but in reality the victory is bigger. Labour has won with 48,000 votes with a 56% of the votes cast.

“All this we accomplished with the strength of the unity we planted – unity that must remain the central point of this movement.”

He maintained that his job tomorrow morning would be to make sure that the Ministers, the Parliamentary Secretaries and himself have their feet on the ground and do not allow their head to grow.

Muscat also called for “national unity amongst everyone, as “this is the moment to go out and reach out to others”.

“This is a movement not of division, but of unity.”

(Above three photos - Malta Labour Party)

This is a moment where the Maltese and Gozitan population said that people should not go abroad and work against our country, the Prime Minister insisted, and announcing that that is why he augur the four Members of European Parliament in the name of the Labour Party.

“I say to the two Nationalist Party members elected that we are ready to work with them and to please be ready to work with us.”

Photos and video: Michael Camilleri 


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