The Malta Independent 18 September 2019, Wednesday

Cycling: Success for Maltese cyclists in the Giro d'Italia Amatori

Friday, 7 June 2019, 09:00 Last update: about 4 months ago

Joe Bajada

A big success was obtained by the Maltese cyclists in the 8th edition of the Giro d'Italia Amatori when recently the Maltese national team took part in three races in the surroundings of Perugia, Italy where they got very good results. The team was led by the Secretary-General of the Malta Cycling Federation Joe Bajada and have competed in the first lap, a Time Trial race in Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi.  The second leg was a Road Race at Torgiano, while the final stage was another Road Race at Pretola.

In the overall standings the national female champion Marie Claire Aquilina won the Time Trial and so she took to the pink shirt. Then in the following two races she classified twice in second place, maintaining the second best overall standings for a total time of 4:39:40.

From the male cyclists the best was Christian Formosa finished second in the overall standings of the Elite category clocking a total time of 4:15:30. Alexander James Smyth finished fourth in the overall standings of the Masters 1 category in a total time of 4:18:34.

Maurice Formosa made a total time of 4:15:27 to finish in fifth place of the overall standings in Masters 2 category, while Mark Anthony Zammit clocked a total time of 4:23:19 finished sixth in the same category. Meanwhile, Etienne Bonello ended up in fifth place of the overall standings of the Masters 3 category in a total time of 4:23:01.

Undoubtedly it was also the most worthwhile experience for Maltese cyclists and simultaneously confirmed their good levels.

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