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Watch: Delia to speak in Parliamentary Group meeting about Portelli resignation

Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 16:36 Last update: about 7 months ago

My job isn't to feel or not feel, but to lead the parliamentary group and the Party, Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia said.

Answering questions outside the PN headquarters, the Opposition Leader maintained that his job was to lead in hopes of finding the "best method so that this process that needs to happen will happen in its intiriety, and the Nationalist Party comes out stronger".

The Nationalist Party is engaged in yet another marathon session this evening, with the party’s parliamentary group expected to go long into the night in a bid to work itself out of an impasse it has reached between the party’s leadership and it MPs.

Most Nationalist Party MPs entered the party headquarters directly without taking questions from the press, while Opposition Leader Adrian Delia and MP Karol Aquilina answered the media's questions before entering.

The MPs, particularly party Adrian Delia, were welcomed to applause and pro-Delia chants from the 100-odd supporters as they entered the building.

The Nationalist Party parliamentary met day after a heated discussion of the party’s executive committee meeting led to the resignation of Pierre Portelli from the post of chairman of the party media.

Delia was expected to speak about Portelli's resignation during the meeting with MPs.

The Opposition Leader was also expected to present a plan on the way forward to the MPs, most of whom last week spoke against him in two lengthy meetings on Monday and Tuesday.

The party faction which has been consistently against Delia’s leadership from before his election last week vehemently demanded that someone to shoulder responsibility for the situation the party finds itself in, particularly since losing heavily at the last European Parliament and local council elections polls last month. They said that “someone has to go”.

Portelli was thought by many to be Delia's right-hand man, with a role that went beyond his  official description as head of the party's media.

In his resignation letter he said that in spite of the work carried out, "It is evidently clear that persevering in my role will not bring further changes due to the constant and coordinated attacks on the party and its media by some of your MPs within the parliamentary group who went as far as sustaining and aiding criminal activity by third party simply to get you out of the way."

Whether the resignation of Portelli has sated those MPs baying for blood remains to be seen, but it is unlikely that any wounds which have opened in the last two years or so can heal in a short time.

The meeting began at 7pm.


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