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Cycling: Christian Formosa and Marie Claire Aquilina win the last Time Trial Race of 2019

Tuesday, 13 August 2019, 10:00 Last update: about 12 months ago

Joe Bajada

The Malta Cycling Federation time trial national championship came to an end last Saturday 10th August 2019 with the third and last round with the race at il-Mizieb. Success for Christian Formosa of the Cyclist and Marie Claire Aquilina of Team Greens clocking the fastest times in the Elite and ladies category.

In fact Christian Formosa of The Cyclist made his race in 02:11.31. Behind him ended two cyclists from Mosta AF Sign Studio CC, Clive Bugeja and James Hutchins with the respective times of 02:24.06 and 02:25.66.


A complete success for Team Greens who continued to dominate the female category as Marie Claire Aquilina finished its race in 02:52.50. She was followed by team-mates Lara Buttigieg and Michelle Vella Wood in the respective times of 03:26.69 and 04:21.27.

The Under 23 category was won by Brandon Sultana of Gozo CC in 02:24.00. He was followed by Carl Xuereb of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC (02: 40.49) and Joseph Mifsud of Gozo CC (02: 44.01).

Luke Borg of The Cyclists continued with his success when he won the race in the Junior category at a time of 02:38.27. Behind him came two cyclists from Mosta AF Sign Studio CC respectively, Max Zammit (02: 46.36) and Sean Enriquez (02: 54.20).

The Masters 40+ category was won by Malcolm Cachia of The Cyclists in 02:36.81. He was followed by Ivan Zammit of Birkirkara St. SC Joseph (02:39.61) and Nicholas Schembri of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC (02:54.17).

The Male Under 16 Category saw the success of Darren Sultana of Gozo CC finishing his race in 02:40.44. Behind him came two cyclists of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC respectively, Matthew Galea Pirotta (02:51.35) and Jacob Schembri (02:56.98).

The Under 14 Male category was won again by Miguel Galea of The Cyclists CC in 02:56.20. Behind him ended Luca Vella of Birkirkara St. Joseph SC (03:29.98) and Jaeken Galea of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC (03:31.07). Hannah Dandria of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC won the same female category in 04:20.60. Team mate Valentina Soler finished second in 05:31.38.

The Under 12 Boys category was won again by Jonas Micallef of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC making his race in 03:44.00. Behind him ended Luca Teuma of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC (05:09:00) and Keith Sultana of Gozo CC in 05:11.00.

At the end of races, John Zammit, Joe Bajada and Daniel Borg Olivier, President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively of the Malta Cycling made the medals presentations to the winners.

Overall Results


1. Christian Formosa - The Cyclist                                  02:11.31

2. Clive Bugeja - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                       02:24.06

3. James Hutchins - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                   02:25.66



1. Marie Claire Aquilina - Team Greens                           02:52.50

2. Lara Buttigieg - Team Greens                                    03:26.69

3. Michelle Vella Wood - Team Greens                            04:21.27


Under 23   

1. Brandon Sultana - Gozo CC                                       02:24.00

2. Carl Xuereb - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                                02:40.49           

3. Joseph Mifsud - Gozo CC                                           02:44.01



1. Luke Borg - The Cyclist                                             02:38.27

2. Max Zammit - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                       02:46.36

3. Sean Enriquez - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                     02:54.20

Age Group Categories:

Masters 40+

1. Malcolm Cachia - The Cyclist                                     02:36.81

2. Ivan Zammit - B'Kara St.Joseph SC                            02:39.61

3. Nicholas Schembri - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC               02:54.17


Under 16 Male

1. Darren Sultana        - Gozo CC                                          02:40.44

2. Matthew Galea Pirotta - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC          02:51.35           

3. Jacob Schembri - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                  02:56.98


Under 16 Female

1. Christina Spiteri - The Cyclist                                     03:40.08


Under 14 Male

1. Miguel Galea - The Cyclist CC                                    02:56.20

2. Luca Vella - B'Kara St.Joseph SC                               03:29.98           

3. Jaeken Galea- Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                      03:31.07


Under 14 F

1. Hannah Dandria - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                  04:20.60

2. Valentina Soler - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                   05:31.38


Under 12 Male

1. Jonas Micallef - Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                     03:44.00

2. Luca Teuma- Mosta AF Sign Studio CC                                05:09.00           

3. Keith Sultana - Gozo CC                                           05:11.00

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