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Dust off your sequins! Disco fever is here

Sunday, 20 October 2019, 11:00 Last update: about 3 months ago

Are you ready to relive the irresistible disco era? The music of the disco decade is coming to Malta for a cause close to every Maltese person’s heart. Rebecca Cachia writes

Prepare to dance along to unforgettable hits from the disco era, especially those of one of the greatest bands to ever grace the global stage - the Bee Gees. On 9 November, the Saturday Night Bee Gees tribute band is headlining the Disco Fever concert spectacular at Gianpula Main Room in support of the Save Valletta's Skyline appeal. Open your diaries and mark the date because this one-night-only-event will be disco extravaganza at its finest. 


The internationally-acclaimed Saturday Night Bee Gees are known for their powerhouse tribute performances that do the songwriting talents of the Gibb brothers absolute justice. The six-member tribute band lives and breathes the spirit of The Bee Gees. And Disco Fever in November promises to be another fabulously authentic production of hits from all the disco greats. The Gibbs would be proud. 

Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb - otherwise known as The Bee Gees - hardly need an introduction. The Bee Gees were, of course, the pop music phenomenon - and tremendously unique voices - that blew the world away many times over in the late 60s and 70s. By the late 70s, they'd fully transformed into the disco-fever-loving trio we continue to adore. Even millennials will have grown up feeling that magnetic Night Fever, knowing that You Should Be Dancing is always the best advice and that Stayin' Alive is really what life is all about.

And we're still singing their greatest hits some 45 years later - not bad for three brothers born on the Isle of Man. In the wake of their astounding musical success, the Gibb brothers went on to support numerous charitable causes and participate in several fund-raising events. The only member of the group who is still living, Sir Barry Gibb, even received his knighthood for his services to both music and charity. 

The Saturday Night Bee Gees are continuing in the musical and charitable footsteps of the original trio. Through the Disco Fever event, money is being raised for the Save Valletta's Skyline appeal. The organisation is committed to raising more than €8 million to fund vital restoration work on the tower, spire and structure of St Paul's Pro-Cathedral in Valletta. 

By attending Disco Fever, you'll be revelling in the cheer epitomised by The Bee Gees while helping to preserve Valletta's iconic skyline - a magnificent reminder of the history and identity of Malta. The Bee Gees believed in the power of disco to bring people together so let's relive the disco dream in a boogie-filled night to remember - and all for a remarkably great cause. 


'Disco Fever' tickets are available now on The event will take place in Rabat at Gianpula Main Room on Saturday, 9 November. Doors open at 8pm. Please note that, for licensing reasons, Gianpula Main Room operates a strict 'no under 17' policy

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