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The Busker is back!

Saturday, 8 February 2020, 16:25 Last update: about 7 months ago
Working harder than ever we should expect the bands' first release of 2020, named "Miles Away" on the 14th of February. This will be the last single off their second album 'Ladies and Gentlemen', which was awarded best album at the Lovin Music Awards back in October 2019.

'Miles Away' is a spiritual track which draws its inspiration from the very iconic, George Harrison. The lyrics of the song revolve around Plato's theory of the two souls, where he believed that every beings' soul was once split into two. Mankind's purpose on earth is to find the other half of their soul, then becoming one.


The video " Miles Away" wasn't going to be just an ordinary music video for the band. Their ambition was to take it a step further and release a cinematic short film.. and that's exactly what they did. They collaborated with filmmaker Francesca Mercieca who wrote, directed and designed the whole production.

The main protagonist Edith persists on a mission between sea and sky, day after day puzzling nostalgia together. Andrew, a disoriented ferry worker roams across her path and traces his own puzzle pieces along the way. Unconditionally, this contemporary collaboration is a fully independent artistic production featuring Christine & Joseph Debono as well as Natalia Galea & Benoit Bartolo as the leading cast. Follow this film's journey on The Busker's official website,

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