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Dancing through troubled times

Sunday, 22 March 2020, 10:18 Last update: about 3 months ago

ZfinMalta launches Dance is Us

The cancellation of ŻfinMalta's upcoming performances and participation programmes as a precautionary measure has not stopped the national dance company from doing what it does best: engaging with its audience through dance that resonates and brings hope in the darkest of times.

That is the core message behind its new inventive nine-week programme - Dance is Us. Taking inspiration from each letter composing the company's name, each weekly theme will highlight the ways dance features and affects our lives - from our first, unsteady, steps as toddlers, to our most intimate moments with our loved ones.


Starting from next week, a new theme will be explored across ŻfinMalta's social media platforms, with each theme revolving around a particular letter from the company's name. Kicking things off with interviews, clips from past performances, and exclusive content is the first theme: Żfin, of course.

"During these uncertain times, art forms such as contemporary dance are the silver lining of the darkest clouds," stated Paolo Mangiola, ŻfinMalta's Artistic Director. "Dance is Us is our way of defying this hurdle, and saying that we will emerge from it even more resilient."

Over the coming weeks, the national dance company will be engaging with local and international experts, exploring our relationship with movement through themes such as Future; Income; and Nurture, as well as many more which will be revealed to ŻfinMalta's followers on social media.

Dance is Us will be premiering a new theme every week on ŻfinMalta's facebook page - @ZfinMalta and Instagram profile - @zfinmalta. 

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