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What a pity!

Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 09:41 Last update: about 3 months ago

Nayessa Gauci and Amy Vella

Year 5 teachers and students attending St Nicholas College, Dingli Primary School, recently visited Buskett Gardens. Their aim was to report about litter found in one of the few woodland areas in Malta.

The investigation was carried out as part of the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programme, which is designed to encourage students to probe into local environmental issues and propose solutions through investigative reporting and photo-journalism.


As they strolled along the pathways, the students noticed a number of bins allocated in the area. However, they were dismayed and angry to come across different types of litter scattered along the pathways: plastic bags, plastic bottles, orange peels, packets of snacks, an amount of tissues, cigarette butts, broken glass and even a garbage bag resting on a tree branch.

It's a shame that irresponsible individuals leave rubbish behind them, impacting the environment we all live in. Litter produces hazardous chemicals which can leach out and pollute the soil and water nearby, causing lasting damage to the flora and fauna. Litter destroys the natural habitat of insects, birds and wild plants. It may be a threat to certain species, such as reptiles and other small animals, as they may become trapped in plastic bags and suffocate.

The students took photos of habitat degradation in order to create their posters. Their intention was to use these posters to raise awareness in favour of a better environment.

Back in class, the students discussed and researched what happens to plastic after it is disposed and how it affects the environment. The students chose the best photo captured and were asked to create a caption. They also wrote interesting articles to report what they had witnessed and to suggest any possible solutions, inspiring action and changes in our lifestyles. Since their aim was to pass on their message to the community, their work has since been published on the eBook Platform Story Jumper and features also on the school's website and St Nicholas College's social media outlets.

Everyone can be instrumental in turning the tide for a greener planet, thus making our community safer and cleaner. You can do your part too! 


Nayessa Gauci and Amy Vella are EkoSkola committee members - St Nicholas College, Dingli Primary School

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