The Malta Independent 9 August 2020, Sunday

The way forward – sports national conference this week

Chris Cassar Sunday, 21 June 2020, 18:31 Last update: about 3 months ago

The Nationalist Party will this week be organising a sports national conference, focussing on the way forward in local sport.

We spoke to Robert Cutajar, Nationalist Party whip and opposition spokesman on sport about this conference which will be held next Friday 26 June. Cutajar said that this conference is above politics and its sole scope is for the good of the sport itself.


He said that this is the third conference of its kind held in recent years, with the first one organised four years ago and its main topic was obesity and how to combat this, and was also linked to the Euro Under-17 finals organised by UEFA which were being held in Malta.

Cutajar added that two years ago former opposition spokesman for sport Ray Callus organised another national conference which treated corruption in sports.

This week’s national conference will have four major topics, European funds, values in sport, social media, and racism in sport.

Meusac will be giving a presentation on how sports associations can benefit from the European funds. Unfortunately Robert Cutajar pointed out that local associations fail to make use of such funds. This could be lack of knowledge about such opportunities or the lack of knowhow on how to obtain such funds. The main aim of this presentation will be to make local associations aware of these opportunities.

Stevie Camilleri and Lara Tonna will deliver a speech on the topic values in sport. Camilleri is the waterpolo national team captain, and Lara Tonna will focus on a healthy lifestyle through sport as a sporting life means both a physical healthy life and a mental one too.

The third topic, about social media platforms is another aspect in which many of our local sports associations need to work harder and need an extra push. Ivan J. Bartolo, opposition spokesman for digital technology will deliver his presentation to help sport associations make better use of social media platforms to better promote themselves.

Another talk on the same subject will be delivered by the Communications Officer of the football club from Cyprus Apollon Limassol.

Racism in sport will be the last topic of this conference, a topic that is unfortunately always in the spotlight. San Gwann and Malta goalkeeper Rashed Al-tumi and athlete Sarah Chouhal will be the speakers on this topic.

Robert Cutajar said that Sports Malta were also invited to give their contribution in this national conference which will hopefully leave its mark on local sport which still has a way to go.

Turning to the political sphere Robert Cutajar said that after 23 years from its foundation, by the same Robert Cutajar, Team Sport PN will now be represented in the PN Executive Committee and in the PN General Council.

Cutajar said that this is a milestone for sports with direct representation in the highest ranks of the party. Hopefully by the end of the year the Nationalist Party will put policies for the electoral manifesto were sports has to be given its utmost importance.

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