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Oħloq Tbissima: Give dignity, feed a family

Sunday, 12 July 2020, 12:01 Last update: about 29 days ago

For the 18th consecutive year, CPi Media will be hosting the Oħloq Tbissima broadcasting marathon. This year the marathon will be held in a different format due to the circumstances of the pandemic so that social distancing can be observed as much as possible.

The marathon will be held by the CPi Media studios located at Dar San Gużepp, Santa Venera between 17 and 19 July. The marathon broadcast will start at 5pm and will run until midnight during these three days.


This year's motto is Give dignity, feed a family. We will be encouraging the spread of the hashtag #ItmaFamilja on social media.

This year the studio will be set up with two large screens. These screens will help improve the broadcast visual. Like last year, one of the screens will be used to visualize a board with symbols. Each symbol represents a family in Peru, Pakistan or the Philippines. The target of the marathon is to feed 450 or more families for six months in the mentioned countries.

  • With a pledge of €200 you will be helping to feed a person from these families;
  • With a pledge of €500 you will be helping to feed a family for six months; while
  • Donations of other amounts will also be contributing to provide food for these families.

Those who donate €200 or more will be given a photo of these families to keep as a souvenir for their gesture of kindness.

Videos recorded and sent to CPi Media by MSSP missionaries in Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines will also be shown during the broadcast. These missionaries will explain how the pandemic hit the locals and how thousands of families lost their jobs and have no money left to buy food, not even for one meal a day.

We therefore encourage Maltese and Gozitans to make their contribution so that our missionaries can support these families in need.

One can start sending in their donations by calling on the following numbers: 51002031 - €20 and 51902080 - €50. One can also send an SMS on 50619285 for €11.65. The pledge line will be open on the day of the broadcast and will have the number 2144 5544.

The Create a Smile marathon will be broadcast live in its entirety on F Living and for many times on One, Net TV and TVM2 stations.

The marathon will also be broadcast via Live Streaming on the Oħloq Tbissima Facebook page:

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