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An educational campaign for kids called Clean It Up launched

Thursday, 6 August 2020, 13:52 Last update: about 2 months ago

The Minister for Education and Employment, Owen Bonnici, together with Żurrieq Mayor Rita Grima, Foundation for Educational Services officials LESA officials, Commissioner for Animal Welfare officials, launched a campaign called Clean It Up campaign.

The campaign is the result of an initiative organised by the Żurrieq Local Council.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness on multiple themes associated with the need to educate people from a young age on the responsibiliy to keep streets clean.


Awareness includes talks about how to keep streets tidy and clean when dogs are taken out and the need for the owner of the dog to keep a dog bag with him or her so to clean up after the dog. Apart from the lack of cleanliness in village streets, this type of litter also has a negative impact on the environment. 

Minister Owen Bonnici explained: "An educational campaign was always on my mind in regards to this subject as this is a problem that almost every village or town faces at some point or another. This is the purpose for out meeting today and after discussions that were made with LESA and the Office of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare together with the  Żurrieq local council, we are launching this campaign. I feel optimistic that through this campaign we are going to raise awareness about the sense of responsibility one must have in order to maintain cleanliness and beauty in our villages even by simply cleaning up after our dogs. With the help of educational programs of this sort we are nurturing awareness about this issue in our children and future generations. "

The Mayor of Żurrieq, Rita Grima expressed how, "One of the problems that I faced when I was first elected as mayor for Żurrieq, was the dog waste left in the streets because of irresponsible owners. I am an owner of a small, adorable dog that  I love very much so I understand that these pets need to do their business when they are taken for a walk outside. When I take my dog out I make sure that I take my dog bags with me so that I'm prepared. I do this because I want to see clean streets and also because I would not like it if I found dog waste on my doorstep. I urge everyone to do their best so that we keep our village clean. With everyone's cooperation, I believe that we can achieve this."

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness so that we will see a cleaner and more beautiful Malta.


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