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Not under my watch: Bernard Grech says he would resign as PM if Malta votes for abortion

Tuesday, 1 September 2020, 14:05 Last update: about 5 years ago

PN leadership contender Bernard Grech said he would be ready to resign as Prime Minister if Malta votes for the introduction of abortion in a referendum.

Speaking on F-Living, Grech said he would be willing to step down so that he would not be the PM under whom Malta introduces the controversial practice.

His recent declaration jars with what he said on Xarabank last week, when he declared that he would respect a vote in favour of abortion.

“If I am prime minister, I am convinced that I am obliged to follow the decision taken by the Maltese people,” Grech had told host Peppi Azzopardi.

He added that, if he were just an MP and was given a free vote, he would vote according to his conscience.

The other contender, incumbent PN leader Adrian Delia, said last week he would still vote against abortion in Parliament, despite the referendum result.

Grech had recently said he would be open to having a debate on abortion in Malta, saying that one must acknowledge reality. He has said, however, that he is personally against abortion.

“I have been, still am and will continue to be in favour of life and against murder,” he reiterated during the F-Living interview.

Grech said, however, that if people say they want abortion, politicians are obliged to discuss the subject.

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