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The Spazju Kreattiv Art Collection

Thursday, 19 November 2020, 16:28 Last update: about 15 days ago

Spazju Kreattiv launches 'The Spazju Kreattiv Art Collection' publication that is collectively part of the Fondazzjoni Kreattività 20th Anniversary celebrations. Fondazzjoni Kreattività boasts of an extensive art collection and this publication is a culmination of years of research. With this book, audiences can learn more about the Spazju Kreattiv art collection and the history behind these notable acquisitions.

This initiative is also a testament to the organisation's strong international ties because the collection does not only have works from notable Maltese artists but also from artists all over the world, including America, China, Britain, Australia, Macedonia, Denmark and Norway.


The Honourable Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government José Herrera commented that "it was a pleasure to attend for the launch of this publication, to mark the 20th Anniversary of the founding of Fondazzjoni Kreattività. This book includes a sampling of artifacts that have been collected over the last 20 years," stated Minister Herrera. He added that the direction of Spazju Kreattiv is to invest in the archiving of these artifacts.

The Chairman of Fondazzjoni Kreattività Rupert Cefai remarks that since its inception, Fondazzjoni Kreattività collected numerous artworks many of which are featured in this publication. Whilst this does not constitute the full collection it is a significant portion of it. The works of art vary from traditional paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures to video and digital media. The latter, Cefai states, is significant as it imposes new questions as to how more ephemeral pieces may be preserved, remembered and communicated to future audiences.

Toni Sant, former artistic director of Spazju Kreattiv and author of this publication, writes that this book has been five years in the making, working closely with artists and curators to gather as much information from them as possible. "The first of many things I did as an artistic director of this organisation was to start taking note of the artworks that were present in the collection at the time. From there, the plan moving forward was to develop this collection and think of how it would benefit the local contemporary art sector as well as national and international artists." This publication, Sant reiterates, is just a starting point for the Spazju Kreattiv art collection.

Spazju Kreattiv Artistic Director Daniel Azzopardi offers an insight into the project and how it's part of the organisation's holistic archival strategy to document ongoing initiatives, across all forms, and make them more accessible to the different communities. "This project is meant to raise appreciation about Spazju Kreattiv's legacy, and make our programmes more accessible to the wider audience." Azzopardi elaborated that moving forward, "the digital experience we're developing will serve as an essential platform wherein communities can research previous endeavours and in doing so be inspired to be innovative and create new work."

The Spazju Kreattiv Art Collection is available from local bookstores.

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