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‘I cannot bring about change on my own, but together we can change everything’ – Grech

Kevin Schembri Orland Monday, 20 September 2021, 19:08 Last update: about 25 days ago

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech used his speech at the Floriana Granaries on Tuesday evening as a rallying cry, urging people to join the PN in its fight for change.

On the eve of Independence Day, Grech spoke about his beliefs, how everything should revolve around people, not money, figures or slogans.

“We will take decisions that make a difference in your lives, your work, homes, hobbies, wishes and plans.”

“I am convinced about my mission. I am also convinced that on my own I cannot bring about change. Together with you, we can change everything. We have improved our work, have new energy, all the while we are building on the loyalty of those who gave their hearts to the party,” he said.

He mentioned those who lead this “more dynamic” party, and praised the MPs and candidates. “The Labour Party has Rosianne Cutajar, who fears facing the EU institutions. We, in Europe, have Roberta Metsola, who represents the ambitions of the Maltese and Gozitans, who always makes us proud.”

“You trusted me with a party who some people saw as antique and tired. Today, look around and see the new energy, the creativity, the number of new faces here among the you.”

“Join me, so that together we can lead the country for the coming five years.”

Grech spoke about the need to face the challenges that lie ahead with courage and determination.

He took aim at the government for ‘taking over PBS’, and turning it into ‘Super 2’. “But the people know what is true. They know that we are grey listed because of the government’s actions. They know that to get on the white list, we need to catch the big fish. Because they (the Labour Party) fear the big fish, they need to go after the small fish like the hair dressers, butchers, and you who go to deposit money in the bank. I do not fear the big fish, we do not fear the big fish.”

He said Robert Abela is protecting Kornad Mizzi and Joseph Muscat. “He has not found the courage to denounce Joseph Muscat. Instead of choosing Malta, the people, he chose his own interests, and the interests of those who today control him.”

Turning to the environment, Grech said that the PN will start a green revolution for the country.

“We issued proposals on open spaces, for tree mapping around the country, proposals in favour of agricultural land and proposals that will ensure that Malta’s countryside will not be taken by developers like Sadeen to build on ODZ land without clear national interest approved by Parliament.”

“We cannot continue to complain about unbridled development without realising that it is time to fight back. We need to bring the green and natural environment back into our villages and towns.” He said that he wants to ensure that the Maltese coast belongs to the Maltese, and not someone who bought a yacht who wants to berth it close to his home.

On healthcare, he said he wants to explore agreements and arrangements with hospitals in France and Germany aside from the UK, thereby expanding Malta’s horizons in terms of care.

Grech mentioned a number of the party’s proposals, such as more free medicines for people with cancer, the creation of a research centre, the construction of helipads at the Malta and Gozo hospitals and common health procedures taking place in Gozo under a PN government, like chemotherapy.

He said that the PN will work to give the Gozo General Hospital back to the Gozitan people. “We will also build a new 400 bed hospital.” He also spoke about the PN’s proposals to support businesses by raising the VAT exempt ceiling.

Grech took aim at the PL. He said the PL is copying PN proposals as it is “not creative. They call us negative, yet they are the ones who find a problem in every solution we propose. They are so negative that they don’t even have faith that what we are promising can be implemented. If they have already given up, then the time has come to step aside and let us implement our plans.”

He spoke about the Daphne Caruana Galizia public inquiry, saying that Cabinet is collectively responsible for what happened to the slain journalist. “Robert Abela pretends to accept the inquiry, but fears taking steps. He took no steps on Carmelo Abela, Rosianne Cutajar and Edward Zammit Lewis. He is a weak Prime Minister, allowing the climate of impunity to perpetuate.

“We are on the edge of a general election. From the opposition, we are showing you that we can lead. So much so that the government confirms that it needs the PN to decide. On Covid-19, Fearne changed the regulations regarding the hotel quarantine for Maltese residents after we demanded change. This week the PN announced proposals for the agricultural sector, and the government finally reacted on this point. It had to be the PN to start change. Minister Miriam Dalli finally said that we need a second interconnector, something we have said for years. They finally woke up. The PN brought about change.”

“Challenges are coming for which you will need a strong captain, who has no other loyalty except to you.”

Grech also challenged Abela to a debate, saying that he can choose the time, place and moderator.

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