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UoM’s Faculty of ICT announces launching of book on importance of STEM subjects

Saturday, 6 August 2022, 09:54 Last update: about 7 days ago

The Faculty of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) at the University of Malta has published a book with the theme 'Education, Research and Collaboration' for 2022.

This year's edition includes projects classified under many areas in ICT, including speech and language technology, blockchain and fintech, scientific data, digital health, internet and the engineering of softwares and applications.


The publication emphasises the importance of more interest in STEM subjects including mathematics, engineering, technology and science, which together create new opportunities. ICT is considered an essential tool during the process of research.

In addition, through ICT, new methods can be developed that can be used during research. All this leads to research carried out in a more organised, precise, consistent manner leading the duration of the process for the final result to be shorter.

During the presentation of this book, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation Keith Azzopardi Tanti, stressed the importance of ICT in research and development, saying that “it is a tool to assist researchers in their work by having more accessibility of information and statistics as well as serving as a means for researchers to share their work with other researchers.

"I understand that there is a need to continue strengthening the involvement of STEM subjects amongst our students. This is done in order to teach the present and future generations to acquire their skills through critical thinking that will lead them to a passion in the field of innovation, which finally would reflect on our economic growth", Azzopardi Tanti said.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of ICT at the University of Malta said that “the aim of this year's publication is to show the wide selection of fields of studies within the faculty and expose the invaluable work of our students. I encourage people to read this publication so that they may even be inspired.”

For his part, the editor and coordinator of the publication Conrad Attard, added that “this year I decided to focus the publication on the importance of education and communication of STEM subjects because these are the key in every field that we experience throughout our lives."

This year's publication also includes a selection of research works by graduate students. These are evidence of the professional work carried out within the faculty at the University of Malta.


For more information about the publication one can visit the following website:

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