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Marie Benoit's Diary - Life Network: Making abortion unthinkable

Marie Benoît Sunday, 22 January 2023, 09:24 Last update: about 2 years ago

I write this in gratitude and admiration of Dr Miriam Sciberras and her team who work relentlessly to save the lives of as many babies as possible from abortion and total annihilation. So far 26 babies were born from unplanned pregnancies and have a safe and healthy birth. What hasn't Life Network done to raise the funds which are so badly needed to go on saving babies? They created calendars, organised dinners and carry on fundraising in every way possible.


They have a Helpline and so far have handled 305 calls and messages. They gave 1105 mothers post-natal support.  They helped 85 families with food and supplies throughout the year and provided 1205 hours of counselling.

Kindly note that most of this information comes from their Newsletter.

Dr Miriam Sciberras

Life Network was set up to fight the introduction of abortion in every way possible. Their March for Life last December attracted thousands and thousands of people to Valletta and no, they were not only priests and nuns as some would have us believe.  The next March will take place on 7 May. Please put it in your Diary.

Let us not forget about the campaign Inti Tista' Ssalvani.

Then there is their informative Newsletter. "Continue to be assured that the life of a mother is always protected by Maltese doctors no matter what may happen to the child in their womb. There is no need to change Maltese law. The pro-abortion lobby are manipulating information and misleading us by using the unfortunate Andrea Prudente case to bring abortion into Malta. Be on the alert! Do not be fooled. Abortion is not a human right... life is!"

Project Truth came to Malta to spread their anti-abortion beliefs

Here is their Statement on Protecting a Mother's Life. "In light of the recent statements being made by the pro-abortion movement in Malta, claiming that Maltese law favours the death of the mother in order to save the life of the unborn child, Life Network states that this is not true; this is being said in order to spread the false idea that Malta has outdated laws; weighing up the value of the baby's life directly against that of the mother. This is not the case. Every crime in Malta's Criminal Code, including abortion, is a crime only when the intention of the person is specifically to do what is prohibited by the law. When someone intervenes to save a mother's life, this can never be interpreted as a crime if the baby dies in the womb as an indirect consequence of the intervention undertaken to save the mother. No one can be forced to die for another person. These elementary principles of criminal law are being deliberately ignored by those who want to give the impression that Maltese law does not allow the mother to be saved when a pregnancy threatens her life. Proof of this is the fact that no professional has ever been arraigned for not saving a mother's life when her life was in danger and, as a result of the medical intervention, the baby died. Every year in Malta there are a few pregnancies that can pose a serious threat to the mother's life. These mothers always received optimal medical care. In the last twenty years, no mother has died due to a lack of medical care in a difficult pregnancy. Maltese doctors often perform a pre-term delivery in such cases. In this way, the pregnancy ends and the mother's life is saved. If this were a crime, as those in favour of abortion are claiming, then the doctors, nurses and mothers who were involved in this medical intervention to save life, should have been arraigned. This has not happened since such a medical intervention is not a crime. Saving the mother's life is, and has always been, a priority in Malta. There are those who are trying to use the unfortunate case of the American couple, to push forward a pro-abortion agenda. The doctors taking care of her at Mater Dei took their decisions according to the situation that presented itself. Implying that doctors were going to let the mother die is a gross misrepresentation of the truth. Maltese law has always protected the mother's life whenever it was threatened. Any attempt to give a different impression is just an attempt to introduce abortion into Malta in a most devious way."

Project Truth is the UK'S largest pro-life youth outreach initiative. They bring young people together to take the pro-life message to the streets. They visited Malta and gave training sessions last October and enthusiastically distributed and explained simple truths of life to passersby in Valletta.


In their Newletter, Life Network relate true stories of women who died as a result of legalised abortion. The media is supremely biased when it comes to pointing out the health risks for women associated with legalised abortion. Mother of five, Sarah Dunn, died at Blackpool Victoria Hospital in April 2020 almost four weeks after having an abortion. She died from a sepsis infection directly related to the abortion procedure. The signs of sepsis were missed by several medical professionals.

Who points out the health risks for women associated with legalised abortion?


In the past week Life Network organised Life Week 2023. Their central focus is helping pregnant mothers and their children. A list of announcements by email, and on social media were made. The organisation also ran a fundraiser to raise Euros 50,000 needed to continue supporting and helping mothers and their babies, as well as advocating for them. They announced the opening of seven new units for women and children. These units have been designed to support and empower mothers and their children who have benefitted from living at Dar Tghanniqa ta'Omm, a refuge for women with their newborns, and are now ready to make the next step towards independent living. "Our experience has shown that a gentle step towards full independent living gives mothers and children a better chance of a strong and independent future. The aim of these flatlets is to support these women as they continue their education or settle into full time employment. Mothers living in these units can either study or work and can stay for up to two-three years. We hope to have these seven flatlets available for residents as soon as refurbishment works are ready." 


I'm Pregnant... now what? was launched this week and a free copy sent to subscribers of the newsletter. These are short inspiring stories of courageous women and their babies. These stories highlight the strength and resilience of women who have faced difficult challenges while bringing new life into the world.

It is very moving to read about children whose mothers may have aborted them had they not had help and practical support from Life Network.


Let us hope that today Life Network will be able to announce that they have raised the Euros 50,000 they need to keep their work going.

The 22nd of January is the anniversary of the USA Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v Wade ruling, which has now been overturned. Millions of babies lost their lives and are still losing their lives by abortion. Let us help stop this murder by helping mothers to cope.

Please support Life Network with a donation.


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