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Article in ‘The Sun’ paints Malta as place for ‘good food, cheap booze and legal weed’

Thursday, 10 August 2023, 09:43 Last update: about 10 months ago

An article published in the British tabloid “The Sun” on Wednesday has depicted Malta as the country where young holidaymakers are seeking “good food, cheap booze and legal weed”.

Written by Thea Jacobs, the article says that when one hears of “racy dance shows, boozed-up Brits and the sickly sweet smell of cannabis filling the air”, one would immediately think of Amsterdam.

But, rather, this is the new Malta for the writer, who says that since Malta legalised the “cultivation and personal use of cannabis”, it led to “dedicated drug shops popping up alongside the countless nightclubs in Paceville”.

“Malta, a former favourite of families and the elderly, has emerged in recent years as the Med’s new Party Central,” the article continues.

“Young Brits are flocking here (to Malta) on the three-hour flights from London to take advantage of some of the lowest prices in Europe and drinking games organised by party groups.

“Bookings from the UK have increased more than threefold in the past two years, with a 366 per cent hike between June and September last summer,” the article says.

Read it in full here

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