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Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023

Sunday, 3 December 2023, 08:35 Last update: about 4 months ago

Article by Loranne Avsar Zammit

The responsibilities of the eSkills Malta Foundation include enhancing digital skills within Maltese society through initiatives such as skilling, upskilling, and reskilling. In line with this objective, the Foundation offers training courses, sessions, and events for specific closed groups or those open to the public. Recognising the need to expand coding and coding-related digital skills in Malta, the Foundation aims to increase accessibility to such skills, catering to individuals with varied levels of expertise. By contracting training providers as done in previous years through a Request for Quote process, the Foundation successfully provided targeted coding and digital skills education sessions to diverse audiences, including females, teachers and educators, employees in SMEs, adults, and senior citizens.


Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023 for Women

Our strong promise to include everyone and make people feel powerful is evident in the Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023 for Women. Notable programs, such as "Bootcamp: Up-to-Scratch IT Skills," targeting refugee and expat girls, and "Upskilling the digital skills and competencies of female educators and teachers," specifically addressing the gender gap in technology within the education sector, demonstrate our dedication. The "FIT (Females in Tech) Coaching Program was dedicated to fostering the growth of young women in the tech industry, while courses like the "Complete Social Media Marketing Course to Start Your Small Business" and the "EmpowerHer" program contribute to enhancing employability and promoting gender inclusivity in the digital workforce. These initiatives underscore our steadfast dedication to diversity and empowerment in digital skills.


Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023 for Society

The Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023 for Society shows our continuous commitment to inclusivity and empowerment and is evident through initiatives such as Digital Literacy programs for adults and senior citizens. These programs, including "Digital Literacy for Senior Citizens: Basic Digital Skills," "Digital Literacy for Senior Citizens: Online Government Services and Financial Skills," "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence," and "Safety on the Internet," have not only imparted foundational digital competencies but also instilled confidence in individuals to navigate the digital age proficiently and securely.


Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023 for Teachers and SMEs

The Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events for Teachers and SMEs provided an enriching landscape for participants aiming to elevate their digital competencies, from the "Practical Approach for IoT and Digital Health" tailored for non-technical audiences to the "Digital Deep-Dive: 12-hour intensive Training Bootcamp", transforming coding novices into proficient coders. The offerings catered to various skill levels and interests. Covering a spectrum of digital skills, from "Digital Tools Mastery for Educators" to "ChatGPT: From Zero to Hero" and "Demystifying Web3," participants gained insights into AI, explored the low-code revolution, and navigated Big Data Technologies. These courses collectively equipped the workforce with transversal skills, navigating the evolving digital transformation landscape and enriching participants with a wealth of past experiences and knowledge.


Upon reflection, the eSkills Malta Foundation's enduring dedication to advancing digital skills through diverse specialised programs stands as a testament to our constant commitment. It represents a strategic investment in empowering and fostering inclusivity in various communities. Whether through targeted initiatives for women, exhibited by the "Bootcamp: Up-to Scratch IT Skills" and the "EmpowerHer" program, or the broader societal impact evident in Digital Literacy programs and tailored efforts for Teachers and SMEs, each initiative has played a pivotal role in shaping a more digitally proficient and resilient society. As we cast our gaze back, the narratives of individuals who have been upskilled, reskilled, and equipped with transversal skills underscore the transformative influence of focused digital education. 

We at eSkills Malta Foundation express our sincere gratitude to our valued Training Providers for their invaluable collaboration in making the Bootcamps and Events 2023 a resounding success. Their dedication and expertise have played a pivotal role in empowering individuals and communities with essential digital skills. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and partnership.

Looking forward, our commitment to nurturing diversity, closing gaps, and adeptly navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape remains unwavering. Collectively, we embark on a journey toward a digitally empowered future, envisioning a landscape where everyone possesses the tools and knowledge to flourish in the digital age.


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