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Possible Worlds

Sunday, 3 December 2023, 08:40 Last update: about 4 months ago

Nurturing hope and creativity in the hearts of children. Written by Kylie Vella

After the successful finale of the 13th edition of the ŻiguŻajg Festival 2023, the enchanting exhibition "Possible Worlds" continues to captivate young minds at Spazju Kreattiv for an additional week. In collaboration with Arts Council Malta, this thought-provoking showcase is a crucial component of this year's ŻiguŻajg programme, offering children a unique platform to explore and express their ideas on pressing issues such as environmental sustainability and human connection through the arts.


The vision behind "Possible Worlds" shares insights into the motivation behind creating this empowering platform for children. Fueled by personal anxieties about the uncertain future of our social and natural landscapes, the curator Nikki Petroni, Education and Development Executive at Arts Council Malta, emphasises the opportune moment to reconsider and reshape our shared perspectives and actions. The values of collectivity and co-creation serve as the foundation for fostering a space of learning, awareness, and hope through connection.

The exhibition's aim is to envision alternative worlds that prioritise humanity and the natural environment. The curator acknowledges the challenge of selecting artists for a children's exhibition but highlights the importance of creating a multidisciplinary landscape. Through various contemporary art forms, including painting, sound, and video works, children will engage with diverse aesthetic approaches, experiencing both interactive and contemplative pieces. The exhibition's design by Romualdo Moretti aims to create coherence, forming a visual bond between the plurality of artworks.

Interactive and tactile elements take centre stage in allowing children to actively shape the universe during the exhibition. A comprehensive workshop programme, coordinated by Emma Borg, saw the participation of many children during ŻiguŻajg Festival to co-create with artists and alter works within the exhibition space. This participatory approach erases age and hierarchical barriers, accentuates the values of collectivity and co-creation. The goal is to empower children, giving them a creative voice and involving them in the processes of thinking and making.

The use of recycled materials in artworks underscores the exhibition's commitment to sustainability. Notable examples include a recycled stage set from the project Vuċijiet Beltin, designed with input from primary school children. Artists like Helen Zughaib  contribute by repurposing and donating artworks, drawing attention upon the importance of continuity, reuse, and environmental consciousness. These creative choices aim to inspire young audiences to adopt more environmentally conscious practices in their own lives.

In essence "Possible Worlds" tackles urgent environmental concerns through multidisciplinary artworks by both Maltese and international artists. The curator believes that diverse voices contribute to the exhibition's overall message, addressing serious topics in various ways - from playful to contemplative to performative. The exhibition aims to empower children, assuaging concerns that their voices and actions may be futile in the face of global environmental challenges. The curator envisions an impactful experience that will shape children's understanding of their present and future on planet Earth, instilling a message of hope through the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

"Possible Worlds" stands as a beacon of creativity, hope, and environmental consciousness, offering children a transformative space to envision and contribute to a more sustainable and connected future. Through art, interaction, and recycled materials, the exhibition inspires a sense of ownership and responsibility, fostering a generation that is not only aware of the challenges our world faces but is actively engaged in shaping a harmonious future for all.


This project is a Spazju Kreattiv commission in collaboration with ŻiguŻajg Festival and Arts Council Malta. Other partners include the Valletta Design Cluster and the Valletta Cultural Agency. 

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Kylie Vella is Marketing & Communications Senior Manger at Spazju Kreattiv

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