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Jungle Box x Warehouse HYROX Challenge returns in April

Tuesday, 12 March 2024, 10:36 Last update: about 4 months ago

Jungle Box x Warehouse HYROX Challenge returns for an exciting 3-day event in April 2024 at Campus Hub, benefiting the ALIVE Charity Foundation

Anticipation is building as Malta gears up for the return of the Jungle Box x Warehouse HYROX Challenge, a dynamic 3-day fitness event set to take place from 19 to 21  April at Campus Hub. Following the tremendous success of the inaugural event in September 2023, this fitness experience promises an immersive blend of functional exercises and endurance challenges. Organized by Jungle Box and Warehouse Fitness Studio, and proudly sponsored by Garmin Malta, the event continues its commitment to supporting the ALIVE Charity Foundation in its objective to fund cancer research projects.


The upcoming HYROX Challenge in April 2024 builds on the triumph of its predecessor, offering participants an enhanced and diverse fitness experience, whilst allowing for an extended exploration of physical and mental limits, fostering community engagement and healthy competition.

"We're thrilled to bring back the HYROX Challenge in April 2024, offering an even more exciting and inclusive experience for participants," said Raissa Camilleri, Co Owner of Jungle Box. "This event is not just about fitness; it's about pushing boundaries, fostering community spirit, and contributing to a cause that truly matters."

Co-organizer Leanne Bartolo, Owner of Warehouse Fitness Studio, echoed the sentiment, stating, "The April event is a testament to our commitment to continuous growth and community empowerment. We are excited to build on the success of the first challenge and provide participants with an extended platform for personal and collective achievements."

As the main sponsor, Garmin Malta remains dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle and supporting community-centric events. "Mark Gaglione, from Garmin Malta, stated, "The HYROX Challenge exemplifies the power of collaboration and community engagement. We're proud to be a part of an event that not only challenges individuals physically but also contributes to a significant charitable cause."

The April 2024 HYROX Challenge maintains its philanthropic focus, with all proceeds once again directed to the ALIVE Charity Foundation. A major player in the local market, the foundation channels funds into crucial cancer research projects, carried out at the University of Malta and addressing crucial aspects including Early cancer detection, Cancer treatment mechanisms and Cancer patient rehabilitation.

Expressing gratitude for the ongoing support, Carol Zammit, Committee member at the ALIVE Charity Foundation, emphasized the importance of community contributions, stating, "The generosity of participants, sponsors, and supporters is instrumental in advancing our mission. We're grateful for the continued commitment to cancer research and the impact it has on our local community. We are proud to be the selected charitable cause for the second year running and we take the opportunity to wish all participants, the very best of luck. "

The Jungle Box x Warehouse HYROX Challenge in April 2024 is poised to build on the success of the inaugural event, setting a new standard for fitness celebrations in Malta. With a focus on unity, inclusivity, and philanthropy, the event solidifies its place as an annual beacon of fitness, community engagement, and giving back.

You can register for this event at here

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