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Qormi candidate plans to follow in his late father’s footsteps to see his vision realised

Andrea Caruana Monday, 20 May 2024, 09:12 Last update: about 28 days ago

Nicholai Falzon, son of the late Qormi mayor, Renald Falzon, has entered the political arena, inspired by his father, and will be contesting as a local council candidate for the Labour Party.

Aside from politics, Falzon, aged 21, is a second- year architecture student reading for a degree at the University of Malta and is a footballer with Qormi FC.

Interviewed by The Malta Independent on Sunday, Falzon said he always wished to give back to his birth locality that gave him so much as he grew up and wants to breathe new life into it especially for future generations.


He said the passing of his father Renald during the COVID-19 pandemic, just a year into his term as Qormi mayor, inspired him to enter the political fray. So he wishes to carry on where his father left off and see his vision become a reality.

Falzon said that though he was given a strong foundation by his late father, who taught him and guided him, he didn’t contest because he felt he had to but, rather, Falzon felt that he should continue in his father’s footsteps to see his plan realised despite being cut short due to his passing.

Falzon said that there is much to be done in Qormi, giving as an example a wish for new gardens, whilst also maintaining and upgrading the present gardens with more trees. He said that adding greenery will give more shade, decrease the high temperatures and improve the air quality.

Falzon also has in mind to lobby for a new dog park in Qormi, which will be the first of its kind, and allow residents to spend quality time with their pets. He said that as an architecture student, he has a different perspective on things and new ideas before stressing the importance of a local council made up of differently skilled people to ensure the success of future projects.

He said that that he had heard of an issue with rubbish in Qormi and he plans to tackle it by educating residents thoroughly on the matter, elaborating that residents must be taught how and at what time rubbish should be taken out for collection. Furthermore, he believes in more enforcement of rubbish regulations. Ultimately, is a cultural village and whoever passes through Qormi must see it clean and well-kept, he said.

Falzon said that he wishes to work closely with the residents so that their voices will be aired in the local council as well as with entities outside of the local council. Falzon also said that his priorities are the culture of Qormi, which gives its people identity, public cleanliness and the environment in order to better the quality fo life of the residents.

With regards to youth participation in politics, Falzon believes that the Vot 16+ initiative by the government was an important step to encourage in youth participation and gives youth a voice in the decisions taken. He said that young people understand sufficiently to air their views in the political arena and whilst they are be educated from home, by their upbringing, the education process must never stop even for adults.

With regards to the recent university student protest in support of the judiciary, following the conclusion of the Vitals Inquiry, Falzon believes that it was badly timed and added that social media has long been at it despite what the inquiry concluded. He said that it is clear that the instruments of the inquiry are being used to destabilise the country and not for the purpose of justice that will lead to serenity and its serious and correct proceedings.

He added that if this inquiry, through its timing and the comments on social media, is brought into the political arena, then it will be a serious disservice towards justice itself which will appear to be serving partisan goals.

When questioned on the effects of the recent scandals, with emphasis on Joseph Muscat, on the Labour Party, Falzon said that whilst one must remain alert, everything must be seen with “an open mind”.

Nicholai Falzon concluded by calling everyone to the June 8th elections with a clear decision to contribute towards the good of the residents and Malta as a whole. He added that it is an important decision with no room for voter abstention because either way someone is going to get elected.



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