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Government unveils new national education strategy 2024-2030

Sabrina Zammit Friday, 24 May 2024, 15:24 Last update: about 22 days ago

Minister for Education Clifton Grima unveiled the new national education strategy 2024-2030 on Friday.

During the presentation, Permanent secretary for Education Matthew Vella said that the new strategy is based on three main pillars, which are well-being, growth and emancipation, and equality and inclusion.

The Minister said that the strategy contains 36 measures and a total of more than 153 initiatives. He said that unlike the process in previous strategies, the teachers were also included in the crafting of this document.

Vella said that this time the education vision goes beyond what is required by industries, but rather focuses on shaping the student as a holistic individual.

He said that rather than waiting for the industry to lead the education sector, it is the education sector that is shaping industry, an idea that extends beyond current times and extends till 2050.

Commenting on the pillar of well-being, Vella said that this concept will be brought nearer to schools, educators, and students. He said that in the coming months, schools will be offering a health programme, offered by industry professionals to parents, student and the community which are in need.

On growth and emancipation, Vella said that the scholastic curriculum will go through a major revision. He said that progress in the matter can already be seen, as in June the first batch of students who followed continuous assessment will be leaving primary school. He noted that apart from scholastic exams and assignments, which cover 60% of the whole grade, 40% of it reflects the performance of the student throughout the year.

Moreover following comments by school staff, a new education foresight forum will also be established.

On equality and inclusion, Vella also said that right now a European agency is also concluding an audit on the matter, which the government will also be basing its ideas on. He said that the new national strategy also offers more reskilling and upskilling courses for adult learners.

In conclusion, Grima said that the education system is there to stimulate and seek the potential of any student to help them improve and move further.

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