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Do you have what it takes to bring an artistic change?

Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 10:06 Last update: about 20 days ago

Excitement kicks in as a number of calls will soon be launched as part of the Creative Europe Programme providing European funding to support artists and organizations in the media and cultural sphere eager to cultivate distinctive projects.

Every year, European Funding presents remarkable opportunities for supporting local artists in the development of innovative ideas and collaborative projects at a European scale. Artists have the option to pursue either individual mobility initiatives or engage in joint projects with fellow European artists. Additionally, the program extends its invitation to other entities such as NGOs and local councils, encouraging those with creative concepts related to cultural endeavours to participate.


The aims of these programs encompass the preservation, enhancement, and advocacy of European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage. They seek to bolster the competitiveness and economic viability of the cultural and creative industries, while fostering competitiveness, scalability, collaboration, mobility, innovation, and sustainability within the audio-visual sector.

The programme actively promotes inclusivity, equality, and diversity, advocating for the participation of individuals from minority and socially marginalized communities. This includes initiatives focused on audience development and the advancement of gender equality.

Whether you're a dancer, singer, actor, fashion designer, writer, or affiliated with an NGO, Local Council, or any local entity, and you aspire to make an impact in the Culture Sector, this opportunity is tailor-made for you!

Prospective applicants seeking additional details on how to apply for calls are urged to reach out to the Creative Europe Desk either by calling 20908990/1 or by visiting or the Creative Europe Desk Malta Facebook Page.

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