The Malta Independent 3 August 2020, Monday

Updated (2): New Covid-19 case attended ‘hotel takeover’ party, roommates tested negative

Thursday, 23 July 2020, 17:04 Last update: about 11 days ago

Today’s new COVID-19 patient attended a weekend-long party at Radisson Blu Hotel last weekend, however the person's roommates have tested negative for the virus, sources have told The Malta Independent.

The Times of Malta first reported the news, quoting sources saying that Malta’s health authorities have begun contact tracing procedures on those who have attended the three day party last weekend, and that some people are in quarantine as well.


One new case was found in the last 24 hours, with authorities reporting that the person had symptoms and was a case of local, sporadic transmission.

In a statement, health authorities confirmed that the person had attended the party last weekend.

Authorities recommended that all those who attended the event should phone 111 and make an appointment for a swab test, even if they have no symptoms.

They said that because symptoms can emerge up to 14-days after contact with the virus, it is important for all those to attend to give speciali attention to sypmtoms which may develop. Anybody who does develop symptoms should again call 111 for another test.

"While there is no reason for alarm because all the necessary steps were taken in this case, it is important to keep following the Public Health department's advice", the statement read.

Sources from the organising committee of the Hotel Takeover told The Malta Independent that in light of the positive case at their event, “the first thing we did was get the roommates to test.” Thankfully, they all tested negative, even though they had shared drinks as well.

They also confirmed that all Radisson employees have tested negative to the virus and so have the people who attended and organised the event, the rest are still awaiting their results.

Notably, the organisers took all the precautionary measures required including scanning the temperature of every attendee and listing down their temperature next to their name, “and if they went out of hotel they were rechecked for temp as well.”

“We are in contact with the Ministry of Health and we are doing anything that they ask.”

Takeover Malta, the organisers of the party which was held between Friday 17 till Sunday 19 published a statement on their social media.

“In light of the recent news about the case who attended the Hotel Takeover last weekend, we would like to inform everyone that we are currently in contact with the local health authorities and assisting them with any of their requests. The Health Authorities will be contacting any persons they deem necessary whilst also issuing any public statements as they see necessary.”

Parties and other events involving large crowds have resumed normally in recent weeks, regardless that Health Authorities have insisted on social distancing.

The Malta Independent attempted to contact Superintendent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci, however she said that a press release with details will be issued in due course.
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