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Yorgen Fenech’s mother speaks out: ‘Rambo character my son definitely is not’

Friday, 20 August 2021, 14:16 Last update: about 2 years ago

Yorgen Fenech's mother, Patricia Fenech, has spoken out for the first time since her son's arrest, saying that it has almost become "a competition as to who can blemish Yorgen's name the most - indeed even with lies about the buying of warfare ammunition."

"A Rambo kind of character my son definitely is not," Fenech wrote.

In a lengthy post published on Simon Mercieca's blog, Fenech questioned the manner in which the case against her son has been handled by the prosecution.

On Thursday, Yorgen Fenech was denied bail once again by judge Mr Justice Giovanni Grixti. 24 hours later, Patricia Fenech referred to submissions by the Attorney General's office in court this week about how her son had ordered cyanide powder, two hand grenades, two submachine guns and hundreds of bullets in 2018. 

Fenech publicly denounced the prosecution's arguments, insisting no one has seen the weapons.  "Such calumnies would truly be absurd if it weren't for the immense negative effect they are leaving on how the trial is being conducted. Apart from this, no one has seen the ammunition/weapons and it has never entered the country."

She asked "how many readers actually stop to think about this before accepting the words of the prosecution as fact? How many thought rationally about the impossibility of actually importing such things by means of the everyday postal service?"

She also strongly highlighted that what has been published is her own and needs to be considered as such and not those of Mercieca. "Please do not attack him for simply practising something which we all say that we believe in - the right to express oneself in a measured, honest and reasonable way," she wrote.

Fenech lamented the criticism her family has received, saying that this has spread to people who have had some kind of contact with the family.

"Everyone respected us, and no one had anything negative to say about us. Indeed, many people who have come into contact with the family speak only well of the family. One of the factors which led me to write is that my husband's name is being bandied about when he has been dead for nearly seven years and cannot defend himself," Fenech wrote.

Fenech also made reference to documents published by Matthew Caruana Galizia of a boat transfer certificate, showing how the motor yacht was bought from George Fenech in 2008 when the judge was still a magistrate.

"I have seen the name of a boat which, when it was sold, was already quite an old boat, and there was nothing illicit in the selling and buying of this boat. If those who published this information are used to making illicit deals, then they must not judge others by their own actions. I would really like to know how they unearthed this information, how deep they dug in order to once more influence the ruling on bail, this time in the hands of Judge Griscti. I would like to know how they trawled the internet (or were there other sources?) to unearth the contract and the photo because this boat had been bought a long time before 2008," Fenech said.

She also questioned who has access to her son's communication devices including his laptop and mobile.  "How is that they know everything about my son's emails? Similar to the leaked Electrogas emails as well as various other emails. These were supposed to be in the hand of the police - could it be that......?", Fenech asked.

Moreover, Fenech criticised the prosecution's claims that Yorgen would flee Malta if granted bail. She highlighted that given the attention the media gives to this case, "he is probably the least person who can do it. It is thus that when you think rationally and coolly about the reasons given against granting bail you see that they do not hold water."

She further cast doubt on the way the case is being handled saying: "This is what leads me to say that there must be a weightier reason due to which the prosecution thinks of ways that will ensure that Yorgen is denied the rights of every human being.  Notwithstanding all this, in no way do I want to tread on the merits of the case - I am not discussing the case itself here, far from it.  It is the circumstances in which it is being held that I am putting into serious doubt here. I have always believed that there are the courts to decide and to enforce the law and I have always trusted in them as institutions even if this was the first time that I have ever stepped into a court of law. But certain manoeuvres cannot but make you think and doubt all that you have ever believed."

Fenech concluded her piece calling for real justice, not justice "twisted to suit someone's purpose and intentions." She described the ongoing case against Yorgen as "revenge".

"Whole families who have nothing to do with the case are being brought into the fray, apart from my husband who has been dead years now. You must really be looking for a vindication that knows no limits, revenge not justice," she said.

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